I’ve decided that it would be nice to have a page where all my posts on each card are easily accessible. If you’re interested in a specific card, click the link below and it will take you to my post 😊. I don’t see these posts as a definitive description of the cards, they are more a way of me learning the tarot and in turn hopefully helping out others along the way. So go ahead and click away…

0: The Fool.

1: The Magician.

2: The High Priestess.

3: The Empress.

…in readings – One.

…musings – One

4: The Emperor.

5: The Hierophant.

6: The Lovers.

7: The Chariot.

8: Strength.

…in readings – One.

9: The Hermit.

10: The Wheel of Fortune.

11: Justice.

12: The Hanged Man.

…in readings – One.

13: Death.

14: Temperance.

15: The Devil.

16: The Tower.

17: The Star.

…in readings – One.

18: The Moon.

…in readings – One.

19: The Sun.

…in readings – One.

20: Judgement.

…in readings – One.

21: The World.