So for those of you who don’t know, as part of The Alternative Tarot Course you are required to do a weekly reading to assist in your development as a reader. I started the course on Saturday the 19th and last Sunday I did the first week’s reading entitled “The Reader’s Reading”. I had quite a busy weekend but really wanted to fit this reading in and I have to admit it was quite hard to interpret some of the cards so this may be a little shorter than I had hoped but here goes.

The Reader's Reading

Position 1 – About you in general: what is your most important characteristic?

The Sun

The Sun - Shadowscapes Tarot
The Sun – Shadowscapes Tarot

This one hit home quite hard. The Sun. Life force. Warmth. Nothing is brighter. This is who I used to be, that bright and joyous spirit bringing a spark of life with me everywhere I went. I haven’t felt the warm glow inside me for quite sometime, but here the cards are telling me it hasn’t gone anywhere! That I still hold all those qualities, that in fact it is my most important characteristic! Brilliant, Warm, Radiant. These are all words that link to the Sun. I miss the vitality and confidence I had, but seeing this card come up has made me realise that it can definitely be brought back, for it is a part of me.

Position 2 – What strengths do you already have as a tarot reader, what are you bringing to this course?

Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles - Shadowscapes Tarot
Knight of Pentacles – Shadowscapes Tarot

This one made me laugh a bit. I’ve never really felt much of a link to the Knight of Pentacles but I can see why he is coming up here. I do have more patience than I originally thought, I just need to be doing something I truly care about. The Knight of Pentacles has his sights set on a goal, but doesn’t rush in like the Knight of Wands, instead he assesses the situation and only makes his move when he knows it is the right time. He is unwavering when he has his eyes on a goal and is incredibly hardworking. These are all great strengths to have when starting out with something new, because the beginning is quite often the time where you need the most patience and perseverance!

I also find it interesting that the Knight of Pentacles came up as the ‘potential outcome of working together’ in my interview with the Shadowscapes Tarot. So she is living up to what she said, thank you once again Shadowscapes 🙂

Position 3 – What limits do you feel as you start this course?

Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands - Shadowscapes Tarot
Queen of Wands – Shadowscapes Tarot

When I flipped over the Queen of Wands my jaw literally dropped. I have lost a lot of self-confidence over the last year or so as those of you who have been reading know. I am in no way the Queen of Wands at this stage in my life.  And of course this lack of self-confidence bleeds into my tarot practice. I think the Queen’s qualities are what I feel lacking and are definitely some of the biggest limits I feel right now. Self Assured, Cheerful, Energetic, these are her qualities, and I think she is telling me I need to find what will make me feel these things again, and once I do, my tarot practice will steadily improve.

Position 4 – What key lesson can you learn on your developmental journey with tarot?

Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles - Shadowscapes Tarot
Ace of Pentacles – Shadowscapes Tarot

That there is always an opportunity for growth, prosperity and stability, I just need to keep a keen eye out and be ready for it when it comes. That there is a chance to find something precious along this journey, but that I must nurture the seed, for nothing will grow without care and protection. The Ace of Pentacles is a great card to see here. The lush green colours, that beautiful golden pentacle guarded by the Chameleons and protected by Mother Nature, what more could you want.

Position 5 – How can you be open to learning and developing on this journey?

Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords - Shadowscapes Tarot
Knight of Swords – Shadowscapes Tarot

When I first saw this card in this position I have to admit I was stumped as to what it could mean. And I was getting upset, because I had struggled quite a bit with most of the cards in the spread and by the time I got to this one it was starting to get too much. And then I thought wow, I am doing the opposite of what the Knight of Swords would do in this situation. He constantly keeps his eyes on the prize, fully committed to his idea, and never lets fear, anxiety or any other emotional consternation get in his way. So maybe this is trying to tell me that in order to be open to learning and developing I must call on the Knights qualities: logic, reason, and the ability to make sure and sound judgements without letting emotions get in the way.

I have always seen tarot as more of an intuitive pratice, a spiritual device, which is why it was confusing for me to see the Knight of Swords in this position. I don’t think of logic, intellect and reason as being ways to be open to development on this journey! So if any of you have any tips as to what this is trying to tell me let me know, I’d deeply appreciate it 🙂

Position 6 – What is the potential outcome of your tarot journey?­­­

Nine of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles - Shadowscapes Tarot
Nine of Pentacles – Shadowscapes Tarot

After the previous cards it was an absolute relief to see the Nine of Pentacles here. The potential outcome of my tarot journey is refinement and a sense of being one with the energies of nature around me.

The Nine of Pentacles is a card that shows that accomplishment through discipline and diligence is one of the most beautiful feelings. The personal satisfaction and sensual enjoyment that comes from knowing that the beauty and abundance you are experiencing is a result of your hard work cannot be surmounted by anything.

Another important aspect of this card is trusting in your own abilities and relying on yourself to attain material well being and refinement. I think this is saying that through my journey I will find it easier to start relying on myself more, which is something I don’t do very often.

I love how intertwined the man-made edifice and Mother Nature’s creations are in this interpretation. It makes me feel as if through my work with the tarot I might become more deeply attuned with nature, which would be so amazing. Definitely happy with seeing this card here 🙂

So there we have it, “The Reader’s Reading”. I have a lot to think about from this reading, but I am happy that it was this challenging, because I feel as if it will teach me more than if every card had been easy to read. And as for the card that I wish to take forward with me on this journey, I’m a little torn, at first I was thinking maybe the Nine of Pentacles, but I’m going to go with the Queen of Wands. I want my self-confidence back, I want to feel happy and attractive and enthusiastic. And if the Tarot is able to teach me more about myself, then maybe it will also help me get back to a place where these feelings are once again a strong part of me 😊.

Until next time, live well xx


4 thoughts on “Weekly Reading Number 1 : The Reader’s Reading

  1. Not much of a tip, more a quick comment. One of the primary roles the knight of sword plays is that of the truth seeker. He lives to find the truth behind any situation, the core of any belief, the root of any problem. He is also strongly admired for his determination and single minded focus and his ability to see both sides of an argument equally without judgement.

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    1. Ah! Thank you so much for your insight! I really struggle interpreting the Courts! So in order to be open to learning and developing I must always remember to search for the truth, the root of the problem! To stay determined and keep focus not letting anything distract me from my goal :).


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