A King here, a King there, everywhere I turn a King. And today is no different, for who came to visit, why the King of Pentacles of course 🤗.

King of Pentacles - Shadowscapes Tarot
King of Pentacles – Shadowscapes Tarot

So far in my daily draws a third of my cards have been Kings! Tuesday last week it was the King of Swords, and only two days ago the King of Cups came to say hello. So why so many Kings? I don’t really have a lot of adult masculine energy in my life, nor work in a masculine dominated environment. And as much as I wish, I don’t have a lot of men interested in me at the moment 😝. So what else could this be saying? Well the King’s are the apex of their suit, they are the master’s of the energies represented by their symbol, so I believe this is reflective of something powerful happening in my life, that I am in the process of mastering or seeking control over some of the qualities they reflect. Learning that it is okay to be objective and detached in situations that require it, but also that I am a very emotionally attuned person and that with a little more mastery and understanding I will prosper. But what has the King of Pentacles come to teach me?

The King of Pentacles is the most practical of the Kings valuing results, efficiency and an effective work ethic. He asks us to work hard, diligently and conscientiously, and give of our time and resources with a generous spirit, for a generous spirit attracts abundance. Frequently linked to King Midas, he turns anything he touches to gold, hence financial ventures are blessed with him on board. He can find opportunities hidden everywhere and is successful in any pursuit. Because of his wide range of skills and practical knowledge he is incredibly dependable and whatever the task, he will handle it with the upmost competence.

As soon as I looked at the Shadowscapes card I was overwhelmed by the power and strength of the Earth. There is an energy in the card that makes you feel centred and stable. He embodies the stability and power of the Earth as well as the strength and drive of a Dragon. The tree that he is part of is bearing golden fruit, and he holds aloft a glowing acorn, showing his ability to see abundance in the most inconspicuous of places. The fruit is symbolic of the fact that when wealth is shared it will continue to grow. The fruit will drop, and the seeds will grow into mighty trees just like the one that bore them. He is steady and stable like the tree he gets his strength from and because of this he is a great person to lean on when you need support.

So far in my life, I can’t say that I have witnessed to much of the King of Pentacles’ energy. But if I grow to be as stable and secure as he is, able to be truly generous with my wealth, both financial and spiritual, then I will be a happy man!

Until tomorrow, live well, and if you can, go hug a tree 🙂 xx


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