Ah Ms Shadowscapes, you always find a way to strengthen my belief in you, you cheeky thing. Before you begin to read this post, I would suggest that you read yesterday’s post for some background information! Ok, done? Good, we may begin :). So after yesterday’s rather appropriate visitation by the Seven of Pentacles I woke up this morning wondering what else I needed to learn or be informed of before I receive tomorrow’s news. So as I was shuffling the cards I kept the situation in my mind, rolling it around and allowing my thoughts to blend with my shuffle. Then I drew and what came up, well you wouldn’t believe it but it was The Fool. The Shadowscapes’ representation of The Fool has got to be one of my favourite cards in the deck, its energies completely jump out from the card with so much power, enthusiasm and vitality, it’s truly beautiful.

The Fool – Shadowscapes Tarot

The Fool is the first card in the deck, given the number Zero. Zero in fact, is not strictly a number, but represents the absence of a number and hence holds all numbers within itself. In this, we see it as representative of infinite possibilities. It also represents that there is no difference between possibility and reality. If all possibilities are open to you and like The Fool, you are open to all of them with a total emptiness of hopes and fears, then your reality is whatever you wish it to be. If you look at 0 closely, it resembles an egg, that from which life emerges! Everything is open to a being who is willing to go in any direction, who is completely free with a total openness to life. This is what The Fool represents.

As card Zero The Fool lies at the beginning of the Major Arcana, but also somewhat apart from it. Along with unlimited potential this card also stands for the fact that in any moment anything goes, she brings to mind the spontaneity inherent in every moment. She represents the fact that by living in the moment, with nothing expected and nothing planned, you will begin to feel uninhibited and carefree. In this she symbolises a complete faith that the universe is worthy of trust, that it is ok to let go of your fears, for if you trust in the flow of life then you will be protected and loved. This brings us to another aspect of The Fool, that of new beginnings or a change in direction. She will often come up when the querent is about to enter a new phase of their life, starting something new, or going on an adventure.

Above in the Shadowscapes representation we see a young woman who has travelled far, called to this high pinnacle by a unknown voice, standing tippy toed in a posture of complete openness and faith. What I like about this image is that unlike the RWS image below, she carries no belongings with her. Rather she stands completely open and free, ready to set out on this new beginning. She is dressed in a loose wrap of white cloth, a symbol of purity of being, and if you look at both the flow of the dress and the light around her it looks like the outline of a bird in flight :). All that holds her up from the iminent fall are the doves who have wrapped her in red ribbons of faith and folly, red being the colour of passion and the senses. Doves in and of themselves are a symbol of faith, and here represent her belief and trust in the world. Her faith will hold her up and her passion will keep her going!

The Fool – Radiant Rider Waite Tarot

In most if not all images of The Fool he/she is accompanied by an animal companion, and in this representation we see the normal image of the canine companion seen to the left replaced by a seated Fox. The Fool’s companion represents the forces of nature and the animalistic instinctual side of man. It hints to the fact that she is following her instincts in this situation, and in fact when The Fool appears in a reading it can often suggest that now is a time to follow your instincts even if they may seem foolish :). I really love the fact that the white dog in the RWS image to the left is replaced by a Fox. Among other things Foxes are a symbol of quick wit and intelligence. Being the embodiment of cleverness, he doesn’t understand her leap of faith for it doesn’t follow his sense of logic. But being clever doesn’t preclude you from being a fool in a different sense. For as Stephanie suggests, is it not just as foolish to hold yourself back from an opportunity simply because it doesn’t follow a sense of logic you have rooted yourself to? Who is the true fool here, her for embracing her faith and instincts or he for being too firmly rooted in a reality of logic and intellect? I really do love this imagery!

One of my favourite aspects of Stephanie’s interpretation of this card is that unlike so many other images of The Fool where we have no idea what is below the cliff, she has left us with images of what the leap of faith may hold. Looking at the outcrop as a whole we see images of both positive and negative connotation, and yet she is still willing to leap. Also most of the images are held by stone monkeys, which like the fox is another animal representative of cunning, wisdom and mischief. First we have the Love Heart, representative of the possibility of true love but also of the pain of heartbreak. A little lower we see two Honeybees who work hard all their life to provide honey for their brethren, yet when threatened they are more than willing to give up their life with one sting. Something I only just noticed today was that they have come up to this high point because of the prospects of nectar, but now that they are there up close and personal, they realise the flowers are in fact made of stone. To me this represents the question ‘are you sure what you are taking this plunge for is worth it?’ Then there is the Red Rose, a symbol of passion with a beautiful scent, but also with thorns that can cut and petals which can be easily plucked. In a way an image of Transcience. And finally there is the Butterfly, a well known symbol of Transformation and Innocence. There is so much in this lower part of the card, but I think it is also easily distilled to courage, hard work, beauty and transformation. And as for the monkeys themselves, well if we follow a Darwinian approach to life, it is said that we evolved from apes, amother member of the simian family, which adds an aspect of evolution to this card. By taking the leap of faith, the risk, which may seem scary, we are given an opportunity to change, to grow and to evolve. Of course moving forward is frightening, but sometimes we just have to take the plunge, for the benefits of growth outweigh the possible downfalls!

So as for me right now, well The Fool came to me earlier this month, in fact she came on the day I recieved the information that the company had been purchased and that there was potential of a few store closures. At that time I felt that she was telling me not to stress and have faith. But seeing her back today, the day before I find out my stores fate is really quite spooky! There are a few possibilities here. She is either coming to tell me that I am about to enter a new stage of my life, that the store is going to be closed and that I will then be given the opportunity to strike out on a new path and go on that adventure. The other option is that my faith in what I have done with the place since taking the managerial position is enough, and that the new owner sees the potential that has always been there. Either way I think there are positives and negatives. But I think the best way forward is with faith in and knowledge of what will bear me up and guide me through this time, and to follow my instincts once the verdict is out. We all have within us infinite possibilities for growth, it is just whether we are open to the continuous dance of experience that is life, or whether we allow our fears to get the better of us!

So, until next time, live well and have faith xx



6 thoughts on “Taking a leap of Faith – The Fool

  1. A stressful situation indeed — and rather uncool of them to send that mail out on a Friday so you can spend the weekend being extra stressed! One other aspect of the traditional Fool is “trusting in the universe”: about to walk off the cliff but not concerned about it. To me seeing her again it reinforces the “don’t be stressed” message you got earlier. Whatever happens on Monday, you’re moving on to a new stage — with new opportunities!

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    1. Thanks you for you kind message Kallisti! I read this Monday morning before going into work and it really clicked with me. ‘Trusting in the Universe’, it felt right!! And it was right, for a few hours later I recieved news that we were staying open 🙂 :). Ah I love it when things like this happen!


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