Late last night I received an email from HR with regards to the takeover of the company I work for. As you know, the last month or so has been quite stressful as a result of this takeover and the potential of my store no longer being in business. In the email it said that all transferring employees would recieve a new contract by email on Monday the 25th and that any staff not transferring to the new entity due to a closure would be told personally on Monday. Freaking frightening right?! So now the state of limbo has been intensified over the first full weekend off I’ve had in a long time. Not fair I say! But I guess at least now I know the date on which I find out my fate. Anyways, as I was shuffling my cards this morning obviously this was playing on my mind, and when I turned over the card for today I was both shocked and pleasantly surprised, for it was the Seven of Pentacles.

To me the Seven of Pentacles represents a time where we are appraising the results of our efforts. It’s a time-out card where, after a rush of activity, we have time to sit back and assess the fruits of our labours, quite often also suggesting a reward coming our way! So assessment is a key to this card. When we are busy, working hard towards a goal, we can sometimes get so caught up that we actually forget why and what we are working towards. The Seven may appear when it is required for us to stop and ask “am I still on track?” “Is this what I really want?” In this the Seven also represents being at a crossroads, for it is so very easy to continue with our routines, even if they are not overly fulfilling. The Seven may appear when it is time to consider a direction change, it may be asking us to start questioning our choices and ponder the alternatives.

Seven of Pentacles – Radiant Rider Waite Tarot

To the left we see the RWS representation of the Seven of Pentacles. Here we see a young man resting on his hoe, appraising the results of his harvest. His work has resulted in lush greenery and the Pentacles are blossoming :). He has put in the effort required and is about to recieve reward for his hard work. He stands back, appraising his efforts and admiring his handiwork. That satisfying feeling that comes with success. But if you look closely, that look of appraisal could be construed as a realisation that what he worked so hard for is in fact not what he wanted. If this is the case then the Seven suggests a direction change, presenting the fact that you are never committed to a certain path and change is always possible.

Seven of Pentacles – Shadowscapes Tarot

Above is the Shadowscapes representation of the Seven of Pentacles. Here we see a young dryad, Gaurdian of the garden, ripe peach in hand, assessing whether it is ready to be picked from the tree or if it needs more time to sweeten. Here we have the aspect of being at a crossroads represented. She must make a decision, if she picks the fruit will it still pulsate with that living glow, or will it become like the fruit in her basket. After lovingly tending her garden, she must stand back, reflect on its progress and decide one way or the other. The Seven here represents the necessity of choice!

Peaches are a fruit of the Summer, and hence represent long relaxing days of warmth. I see them as symbolic of the sweet reward that this card can often suggest. There is also an aspect of patience here. If we look closely, as the dryad touches the peach the peach wraps itself around her. A sort of symbiotic relationship. She has sown and fed the tree, and in return it has grown this sweet reward for her efforts. She has patiently waited, and in fact is still doing so, for the perfect moment to pluck this treat from the tree, putting aside her appetite for its sweet nectar, as she knows how much more fulfilling it will be when plucked at the perfect moment. In this we see the time-out aspect of the card. All she has to do now is sit back and relax.

So why has this card come to me today? Well all the above aspects of the Seven of Pentacles are quite appropriate to my current situation. Due to the company’s position previous to the upcoming takeover, it was hard for them to support me in a way which would provide what was needed. The symbiotic relationship shown in the Shadowscapes card was not present. And recently I have been working incredibly hard to show the new owners that there is potential in my store if only they could help increase foot traffic via visual merchandising and marketing. So in that respect it could be coming to show me that a reward is on its way! But the other two aspects, that of assessment and being at a crossroads, are also quite fitting. I have never truly been 100% happy in this job, for I am not following my true passion. If I be completely honest over the last six months it has really just been a means to an end, that being a way to build up a sizable nest egg to make it to and then survive over in France. That being said though, it is a pretty amazing job. I get to go to work everyday and run a team of people who are not only brilliant, but have become close friends of mine. I would be quite upset if come Monday I no longer get to wake up and see their faces each day! Yes, I was planning on leaving at some point this year, but it wasn’t going to be for another seven months, which is actually quite funny being that the Seven of Pentacles is today’s card. This meant that I would have time to one, save more money, and two, come to terms with the fact that I would be in another country away from those I hold dear. And yes, it’s only a job, but our job is where we spend most of our time, so it’s only sensible to want it to be somewhere we are happy and surrounded by souls who add to that happiness rather than take away from it. But now the choice is out of my hands, for I no longer have any control over the outcome. I have worked incredibly hard, and now it is just about waiting to see if the harvest will be fruitful or not. And if not, then I guess it will be time to consider my options.

Oh how I have missed spending real time with my cards. You’ve given me a great deal to think about Ms Shadowscapes.

Until next time, live well xx


3 thoughts on “Appraising the Results of your Efforts – The Seven of Pentacles

  1. That is a ton for you to think about. And are you happy with what you’ve worked for? Another question I’d see myself asking from this card is: “Am I going to feel rewarded and happy when the results come in, or am I going to feel like I’m just keeping on?” Food for thought.

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    1. Thank you SJ. I read this Monday Morning before heading into work and when I recieved the news that we were in fact staying open this was the first thing that I thought of. It’s funny because when I first recieved the news that I may possibly loose the job I was worried and scared, but then over time I began to come to terms with it and start thinking about all the extra things I would be able to do with my time. Your question of ‘am I going to feel rewarded and happy when the results come in or am I going to feel like I’m just keeping on?’ is very fitting for I am feeling both things at this moment. I think at some point I am going to do a reading about this 🙂

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