Hey there,

My names Adam, and this is a place for my thoughts on Tarot and how it interacts with my life and spiritual journey. I would classify myself as a Tarot Newbie when it comes to all round knowledge, as I haven’t been able to completely dive into the field yet, but I have been interested in esoteric knowledge for as long as I can remember. And to top it off, this is my first real foray into writing, which is both exciting and scary at the same time. So the posts you find here are really just my thoughts on the cards from a beginners perspective 😃. I hope I can be of some help to those of you out there learning as well, or even just an escape from your routine.

A little about me…


I am a Libra, a vegan, an animal lover and tea drinker. I love deeply, feel strongly and want to immerse myself in all the world has to offer. I want to use Tarot and my skills to help nurture others and build a world with Honesty and Compassion as it’s cornerstones. Apart from Tarot my biggest passion is acting. The tarot card I most relate to is the Queen of Cups.



2 thoughts on “About Me 😊

  1. Hello Adam!
    I’m glad to have this mean of communication to express a doubt. I’m starting to read your website tonight. I was reading one post by my phone so I couldn’t find out what happened with your Tower, 10 of pentacles and your job. What was the real mesage the Tarot sent?
    I am a Tarot lover and I’ve been studying it slowly for 2 years but I’m still a beginer.


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