Today I drew the final King to complete my collection. First came the King of Swords, with his analytical and objective mindset, shortly followed by the calm self-assurance of the King of Cups, then they were joined by the hardworking and conscientious King of Pentacles and last but not least, the King of Wands made his grand entrance. In a monarchy, the King is the supreme ruler of his society who is responsible for maintaining the welfare and happiness of the inhabitants of his kingdom. Because of this, Kings represent success, expressed by their position, power and social responsibility. And in the Tarot they represent an outward mastery of their suit.

The King of Wands, being of the suit linked to fire, represents a strong minded individual, who is both creative in his approach to life, and inspiring in his relation to others. He belives in himself above all else, knowing that his methods are best, and it is this firm belief in himself that grants him such power. He is an incredibly charismatic person, inspiring others to follow his lead, and like a magnet, attracting people to him with no effort on his part. He has a deep respect for others and knows how to bring the best out of them, empowering them to succeed in whatever they pursue. He is forceful when pursuing his own goals, never balking at a challenge or risky endeavour, with such a commanding presence, naturally taking centre stage wherever he goes, and carries his authority with a natural grace and a bold and daring strength.

The King of Wands – Shadowscapes Tarot

In the Shadowscapes interpretation these qualities are incredibly evident. Here we see true majesty! This individual has the soul of a lion, with two spirit lions flowing out from his back! He is proud and fierce like the Lion, dominant and bold, and not scared to chase down and grab what it is he desires! He is confident and strong and looks forward to challenges because of the rush of adrenalin that he receives when setting out to solve a problem. In this process his conviction and assurance not only help him out of any personal fear, but also strengthens those working alongside him by reassuring them that all will be well.

He holds his vertical wand aloft, representative of spiritual masculine energy, and embodies fire, the drive to succeed, seen in the swirl of primal energy surrounding him. We see him crowned with a searing orb and antlers reminiscent of the Horned God. The Horned God, is linked to primal energy, the sun and the animal kingdom. The ground and trees themselves move out of his way, shifting to his will and obeying his unspoken desires. This is the power of this King’s charisma!! His charm is irresistible, and here we see how even Mother Nature’s creations are susceptible to it, the world literally molding itself to his will.

The King of Wands can often come up to show us to lead our lives with intent and vision. To pursue our goals and use our talents to help others succeed with theirs. He comes to suggest that it is time to be goal-orientated, and if we are currently facing challenges, that they are only a small roadblock on the journey to success. He is a go getter, a visionary full of enthusiasm and inspiration, and instils this energy into any situation where he is present. I personally feel like I could do with some of this energy right now, and believe that he came to me to say, ‘Adam, pick yourself up, and go get what it is you want! There are no excuses. Be like the Lion in everything you do, regal, courageous, powerful and proud, confident in your power and strength and warm, bright and alive”.

Until next time, live well xx


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