Up until today the only time I had drawn a card from the Suit of Cups was in my interview with the Shadowscapes Tarot. To me this seemed quite odd, being such an emotional person I was expecting more to come up. Not only expecting, I was also hoping for more. But I guess if I think about what has been happening in my life it makes sense that so many Swords have shown their faces and few Cups have appeared at all. Anyway, enough mind babble, here is the card I drew this morning…

King of Cups - Shadowscapes Tarot
King of Cups – Shadowscapes Tarot

Before I get into the card I first want to say that these daily draws are first and foremost learning opportunities for me. With some cards like the Seven of Wands and the Three of Swords a post comes easily, but with others it seems a lot harder. This is one of those times. So I’m really just going to jot down my thoughts and strive for some meaning here.

The first thing that came to me when I saw this card was how serenely majestic this King looks as he floats there gazing into the Seahorse’s eyes, as if looking directly into his soul. It is like he has become one with the ocean and all of its inhabitants. I just want to jump into the card and let the King’s calming energies cleanse my entire being!

The King of Cups is a wise and understandig individual. Like the sea turtles by his side he has the wisdom of the ages and a calm assurance that comes with the internal mastery he has accomplished. He cares deeply, teaches with gentle and loving attention and is always there with a compassionate hand when others are in need. Something I noticed today was the further link between the King and the turtles evidenced in the parallel between the turtles’ fins and the scales growing upon his shoulder. He is definitely one with creatures large and small. I also love the position he is in, arched back entwined in the seaweed, holding that beautiful chalice by his chest, like he is offering it to us saying “Here, drink from these waters and all will be healed”.

However for me one of the standout images in this interpretation is the connection between the King and the Seahorse. The symbolic nature of the Seahorse dates back to Ancient Greece where they were considered to be linked to the God Poseidon and hence were a symbol of power. This is quite funny because when I first saw the Shadowscapes card I thought of King Triton from Disney’s ‘Little Mermaid’ :P. I wonder if Stephanie had this in mind when she drew the card. Anyway, Seahorses are also seen as very patient animals, following the currents at their own pace. And in turn the King of Cups is the most diplomatic of the kings, tolerant of all points of view and showing immense patience in the most trying of circumstances. Also the male Seahorse is a symbol of protective energy, which is very fitting here as the King of Cups is definitely a protector, caring for all who are in his vicinity with the upmost compassion. And again a further link between the two is evidenced in the halo/bubble like circles seen around both of their heads, perhaps suggesting that although they may seem so very different from each other, they are both creatures of heart and soul and everyone whether small or large, wealthy or poor deserves compassion and care.

Apart from teaching me a little more about the court cards (which I really need as I struggle with them when doing readings) I’m not really sure why it was that the King came to me today, especially as my first Cups card in a long time! I don’t see anyone in my life as representative of him, and I’m not sure whether his energy was evident today. I think this one is going to take a lot more thought. Maybe he could be here to lend me some serenity. That would be quite helpful 😛 . But before I sign off I think I will leave you with a quote directly from the artist which I absolutely adore, and believe sums up the King beautifully:

His message is to let the currents flow through your veins to cleanse your heart of its burdens.

I shall be awaiting this cleanse with open arms :).

Until tomorrow, live well x


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