Really tarot? Heartbreak. Loneliness. Abandonment. Betrayal. This is not what I wanted to see today. I feel like I have no more energy to contemplate such things after the last 6 months. But the Three of Swords must be coming to me for a reason, so time to tackle this I guess.

Three of Swords - Shadowscapes Tarot
Three of Swords – Shadowscapes Tarot

In the Shadowscapes card a white swan replaces the more common symbol of a heart pierced by swords. Swans are beautifully graceful creatures, but this sinuous grace hides a ferocious strength and fighting spirit, especially when protecting those they love. So why aren’t there any signs of struggle? Well, who is it that most often betrays us or causes the deepest heartache? Why those who are closest to us of course! I think this aspect of betrayal and heartbreak is very evident in this representation.

Another hard hitting aspect of this card is how isolated and alone the swan is. Why is there nobody there to give her solace? If I saw an injured swan, or any animal for that fact, I would be there doing my best to help. But if we see her as representative of a fragile emotional state, then it is understandable that she is alone. A lot of the time the world turns its back on such things, for it is seen as a weakness. But what I see is the strength the swan still possesses. She is not completely defeated by this heartbreak and betrayal, she may still yet live to fight another day! This is an important learning curve, once we can start to see pain as a learning opportunity life itself starts to feel less painful.

Strengthening this standpoint is the image above her of the weeping heart! The wall around the heart is covered in cracks, but it looks as if what is actually holding it together is the heart. While we are overcome by heartbreak and in a state of loneliness we can often feel as if everything is falling apart. But if we see it as necessary, the weeping as a type of cleansing, then we will come out of the situation stronger for it. It is important to release our emotions when pain gets to much, however we must still make sure our focus is towards the future, as it is easy to get caught in the emotions and lose sight of the need to let go!

I really love what Stephanie wrote about this card, that we must “let the torment drain away; be purified of the black blood, and then lift up white wings to dance with the sky once again”. I miss dancing with the sky. People always used to  comment on how joyful I was and how light and uplifting my energy was. People have even said that if I was an animal, I’d probably be a swan. But I have lost that since being consumed by these Three of Swords feelings. And I miss that feeling of lightness. I long to once again dance with the sky, so maybe this is why the Three came to me today. To show me that I have the strength to get past any pain that comes my way, and that it’s high time for me to spread my wings and take flight once more.

So here we go, up, up and away…

Until next time, live well x


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