It seems that the tarot is definitely trying to send me a message this week with three swords cards in a row. Yesterday I drew the Three of Swords and today what card decided to show its face, why the Eight of Swords of course. So my swan-soul has gone from being stabbed through the heart, abandoned and lonely, then found its way free to simply become caught in the ‘bramble crone’s’ grip, a precarious situation indeed…

Eight of Swords - Shadowscapes Tarot
Eight of Swords – Shadowscapes Tarot

Restriction, Confusion, Powerlessness. These are all the feelings represented by the Eight of Swords. It upsets me to see this card today. I thought I had come to a small revelation yesterday with the Three, but if I follow the thread of thought that these daily cards are messages for me then maybe there is more for me to learn.

In the Shadowscapes image we see the beautiful swan we saw yesterday caught within a blackberry hedge. This is not a place for that grand elegance, and as you can see she is not the first to fall victim. There is however hope, which comes in the form of a hummingbird hovering close by in a shimmering ray of light. He can flit through the thorns with ease, and comes with a message to be calm and take a moment to breathe and reassess your situation. For there is no point wasting our energies on things we cannot fix. And on top of that, a lot of the time these problems are purely constructs of our minds! It is easy to feel trapped in circumstances, but in these instances we must remember that there is always a way out, listen to the hummingbird and calm yourself.

When everything happened in May, I was definitely heartbroken and lonely, everything the Three of Swords represents was surrounding me. And since then, some days worse than others, I have definitely felt confused, restricted and powerless. The Eight of Swords taking the forefront here. Originally this was closely related to the breakup. When you feel as if you can work through anything in your relationship and you are willing more than anything to fight for it, but your partner decides that they no longer want to, what else is there to feel. Confusion. Powerlessness. Not pleasant at all. And then over the next couple of months I definitely felt restricted in my life. Stuck in this morose energy not really sure how to escape. At times I would feel a lessening of this restriction, as if I was finally seeing the light, but then I would fall back down again. And I really didn’t know how to stop this from happening. But seeing this card today, I think I may have realised something new. I was tackling this situation like the swan in this card. Trying to use might to fight my way out. Trying to force myself to be happy. Flailing about with no real progress. And maybe that’s why it hasn’t worked. Maybe I need to listen to what the hummingbird has to say and calmly assess what is truly making me feel restricted. I think I know what it is, so we will wait and see whether a change in approach makes any difference.

Hopefully tomorrow’s card will reflect progress in this!

Until then, live well x


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