Today I decided to do something a little different. Usually when I’m shuffling for my daily card I ask ‘What do you have to teach me today tarot?’ ‘What message do I need to hear?’ However I awoke today feeling in need of some guidance in relation to the thoughts and feelings my last two daily draws had spurred. So while shuffling I asked “What will help me move forward and stop me from falling into the morose energy I often find myself in?” “What can I work on to be happier in myself?” And what came up you ask, why none other than card number seven, The Chariot. I giggled a bit when I saw this card, ‘the triumph of will in difficult circumstances’. Definitely a useful card to contemplate today!

The Chariot is about triumph, using your will, asserting yourself, and mastering your emotions. All things that would be helpful for me in my current situation. When I find myself stuck in a sad energy I just need to say to myself ‘No, Adam, use the power of your will, focus your intent, move on from this. Be like The Chariot‘.

The Chariot - Shadowscapes Tarot
The Chariot – Shadowscapes Tarot

We see here Nike, the winged Goddess of victory, steering her chariot through the roughest of seas with nothing but her willpower! The unicorns look back at her, torn as to where to go, but her self-confidence and power of will calms their minds and spurs them forward. Her willpower is so great that it stills the ocean’s waves and calls to attention the wisest of the oceans inhabitants. If that doesn’t call out self-confidence, willpower and authority then what does!!

One of the most important aspects of this card for me at this time in my life falls under the ‘asserting yourself’ banner. Over the last year or so I have felt like a fish out of water, floundering around with no real direction. I think I can mostly pin this down to the fact that I stopped pursuing my acting career in return for a more stable full-time income. Previous to getting this job I had spent four years studying acting at University, where I was constantly performing in a production of some sort, living everyday pursuing my dream!  Then my first year out of Drama School was a blessed one, I was lucky enough to go from one show to another. Living a life where my passion was with me most days. But since stopping I’ve felt rather empty, like I’ve lost a part of myself, which just seems to get worse as time progresses. And then when my relationship fell apart, I felt utterly crushed! Over the span of a year I had lost two of the most important things in my life! My passion and my love. And those of you who have been reading my blog since the start know that its been hard for me to move to a place where I am happy in myself. And I’m sick of it! I no longer want to feel this way. I want to know who I am on a deeper level and solidify my identity, I want to feel happy within myself! This is one of the reasons why I started studying the tarot. And seeing The Chariot come up in answer today has made me realise how important this step forward in my development is. The Chariot says that you need to be determined, self-disciplined, confident and hard working, and if you are then you can triumph over any obstacle. Have faith in yourself and you will succeed. And to top it off, you will come out stronger for it. Couldn’t ask for much more right?

Another aspect I love specifically when looking at the Shadowscapes interpretation is the use of elements. You can hardly see where the sea ends and the sky begins. Air and Water, Active and Passive, Outer and Inner. I see these as representative of opposing forces and the charioteer as representative of the mastery of these forces. This can also be seen as internal conflicts between what we think and what we feel. The Chariot urges that before we take on outside obstacles we must first calm any inner turmoil.

The Chariot is also my soul card, which I only worked out a week or so ago. You can discover your soul or birth card using your date of birth. Mine is 06/10/1989

6+1+0+1+9+8+9 = 106

1+0+6 = 7

Having my soul card be the answer to my question gives it more weight in a way. The power is within me to become what The Chariot asks for. It may take time, but at some point it will happen…

Until next time, live well x


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