I think my deck is playing a cheeky trick on me today. After commenting in yesterday’s post about how few cards from the Suit of Cups had come up in my draws, what does my lovely deck decide to give me today, not only a Cups card, but the very beginning of the Cups’ energies, the Ace of Cups. I wonder what this could mean for the day!

Ace of Cups - Shadowscapes Tarot
Ace of Cups – Shadowscapes Tarot

An opportunity for a new emotional experience. The beginnings of love, happiness and compassion. A furthering of your internal attunement. This is what the Ace of Cups is all about.

In the Shadowscapes card we see a beautiful chalice sitting atop a pool of water, causing a ripple out from the centre. This is everything the card is about, those moments that seem imperceptible at first but grow into something much, much more. Like the first ripple on a perfectly still surface the Ace represents those initial stirrings of emotion, love and intimacy. Those new relationships that leave you feeling effervescent and full of joy. Those creative pursuits that allow your emotions to shine through.

The chalice sits there waiting for us to take it up, drink from it, and by doing so become deeply in tune with our emotions. The Ace asks us to let our hearts lead the way. Whatever the beginning it is referring to, it suggests to respond viscerally and open yourself to those around you.

Stephanie links the pool itself to that of a scrying mirror, asking us to delve deeply and heed our intuitions. This is another big part of this Ace. Developing intuition. It asks you to get in tune with yourself and start trusting the voice within. We’ve all had moments where our souls have sung to us, whether they were trying to keep us safe, or teach us a lesson. The Ace tells us that this is the time to start truly listening and developing a bond with our intuitive selves.

As I don’t follow a predictive style of reading I didn’t set out today believing that I was going to meet a new love, or be offered a role in that creative project I’ve been dreaming for. Instead I said to myself, it’s time to let my love light shine again. Even if I am only able to bless one customer’s day with a compliment or with kind service, then at least I am opening them up to happiness and joy. The world could do with more love! Smile at a stranger. Be kind and generous to those around you. Put out the energy that you want to receive from the world and maybe, just maybe you might be blessed with the Ace’s gift of love and happiness.

Until tomorrow, live well and smile xx


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