I think it’s funny how as soon as I feel my drive return I draw a card from the suit of Wands. Not only that, but it’s the first Wand I’ve drawn all month! As I said in my post yesterday I’ve been feeling a bit low in energy and lacking enthusiasm and drive to write. I feel like it’s slowly coming back now, and today I drew the Nine of Wands, which I see as the card of perseverance and stamina. I think this is a good sign :).

The Nine of Wands traditionally shows a slightly jittered and weary looking individual holding onto a stave with eight others forming a wall behind him. It is unsure whether this is a defensive wall, keeping enemies out, or whether the wall is in fact the enemy closing in on him.  Either way though, it is evident that he has been through some tough times, but more importantly, he hasn’t allowed them to knock him down! He has a bandage on his arm, representative of physical tribulations, and one upon his brow, representative of psychological/emotional hardships. Linking the psychic wound to his posture, we can deduce that this is someone who is frightened and can think of nothing else in life but the conflicts around him. He has been through so much hardship, that he is always on the defensive, looking for the next fight, even if the enemy is long gone. This is another aspect of this card, the sense of paranoia that grows when you are always assuming ill will.

Nine of Wands – Shadowscapes Tarot

In the Shadowscapes interpretation above we see a vigilant sentinel on watch. He sits there, upon his mount, waiting for the next challenge to come. He is an image of vigilance, perseverance and stamina, waiting there day and night, for an unknown enemy, preparing for the next challenge to come. To me this image suggests that we must always remain vigilant, hold onto a core of strength and keep our energies in reserve for the moment they are needed. I see this in the golden orb the sentinel’s mount holds in his tail. He keeps it there, ready for the coming battle.

Another important aspect of this card is represented by the greyed-out sentinels in the distance. This brings up the fact that it is necessary to maintain a sharp mind and strong body even when challenges do not come as often as expected. To continue despite fatigue and persevere despite our setbacks.

The Nines in tarot show how the suits deal with problems and adversity, and the concessions they have to make in order to succeed. Being a Wands card, linked to fire, this comes out in an outward and physical way. Often problems are both dealt with using force and in turn caused by using force. This can also result in an emotional trap where you get caught in a cycle of conflict, even if there is nothing specifically opposing us!

The Nine of Wands represents those situations in life where you have come to the end of a project, just about to reach for success, and then get knocked back by another challenge or setback. It’s that one last challenge before you are successful and happy. But it’s not a negative thing, in fact it suggests that you have within you the necessary resources, strength, stamina and courage to withstand anything and come out the other side successful and sometimes even with a better outcome. I think this is important for me to keep in mind, for when I set my mind to a task I can create something beautiful. I just need to persevere through the downs, and eventually I will reach the place I want to be.

Until next time, live well xx


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