Exuberance, Friendship, Community, Joy. No one would ever say that they do not enjoy these things. The Three of Cups represents those moments of unexpected joy, especially when linked to being a part of a group. Those times when you are bursting with energy and feeling on top of the world!

The Three of Cups - Shadowscapes Tarot
The Three of Cups – Shadowscapes Tarot

In the Shadowscapes card we see three Sirens offering each other a cup full to the brim of their loving energy. The joy and exuberance that they are experiencing as a result of their being together is so strong that it has formed a bubble within which their happiness is amplified. Just like those moments when we are spending time with loved ones, and all our other problems just seem to fade away 😊. However the bubble is also a symbol of the spontaneous and fleeting quality of these situations. Unfortunately they do not last forever, but that just makes them even stronger.

The three is also representative of a culmination, a success or coming together, or the end of a period of strife. When you are experiencing problems, often it is good to take some time out and spend it with people you love. This can instil a positive energy into the situation and hence help you look at it in a different way.

Today I caught up with a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile and I felt the three’s energy. The synergy that is present when two or more people share a space, reminiscing or simply enjoying each other’s company, is something that definitely has the power to energise. After contemplating this card and today’s events I realise that I thrive off intermingling energies, spending time with people whose company I enjoy always brings a positive energy to my life, and hence the Three of Cups is a card that calls to me. Energy interplay is something which we can forget about, but that has a big effect on us. So from today onwards I am going to strive to keep positive energy in my life, and whenever I feel as if I am putting an overly negative spin on a situation I will stop and think and see if there is another way to look at it.

Until next time, live well and share the love xx


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