So first I must apologise for being a bit lax in my posting. The reason is twofold. Firstly, my last two draws have been repeats of recent draws and I was unsure as to what they were trying to tell me so instead of posting I decided to ponder 🤔. They were quite opposite cards too, on Friday I drew the King of Swords and yesterday it was the Ace of Cups. My second reason is that I awoke Friday morning feeling incredibly drained and by the end of the day a cold had throughly worked its way in 😭. But today I am feeling a little bit better, despite having worked 10 hours yesterday, so I am back and ready to write.

When I first flipped over today’s card I thought the Shadowscapes was teasing me. The Sun. The complete opposite of what I’m feeling. I’m weighed down, congested and feeling really low on energy and what shows up The Sun.  Not only that but it is a beautiful 33 degrees Celsius outside, the sun is shinning, the birds are singing, and I’m stuck inside with an 8 hour shift. Cruel Shadowscapes, very cruel!!

The Sun - Shadowscapes Tarot
The Sun – Shadowscapes Tarot

Traditionally The Sun represents enlightenment, vitality, assurance and glory. It signifies a time of confidence, good health, success and contentment. All those things we associate with that beautiful ball of gas that brightens our days. Radiance, warmth, illumination, power. When we look to history, the Sun is generally the figurehead of the most powerful and prominent of the Gods. Ra in ancient Eygpt, Tonatuih among many others in Aztec mythology, and Apollo in Greece/Rome. The Sun was seen as life giving, his vital energy was what made life on Earth possible. The Sun in Tarot is linked to similar ideas; vitality, splendour, enlightenment. Having an intellectual or spirtual breakthrough, a personal moment of glory or achievement, feeling invigorated and energised, feeling a sense of freedom, and knowing that no matter what, you can succeed! These are Sun qualities!

The Shadowscapes card for me highlights growth and renewal, the health aspects of The Sun, represented by the avian entourage, as well as a sense of freedom. The young man riding the King of the Birds has a beautiful sun-like halo, which I believe symbolises the clarity of vision that comes with clear daylight. He is invigorated, filled with the Sun’s radiant joy and energy, ready to tackle anything that comes his way.

The Sun itself nourishes us with it’s warmth and light, and without it we feel low in energy. Some people are even so affected by a lack of sun that there is a term for it, SAD, seasonal affective disorder. Seeing this card today was a little bit of a wake up call. Last week it came up in a reading of mine in the position of “my most important characteristic”, which made me think a lot more about the person I have been, the person I lost touch with and the person I wish to be in the future. The Sun can often suggest the dawning of a new stage in your life, one of accomplishment and contentment, of things going well and of radiant energy. And when linked to the two repeated cards of the previous days, the Ace of Cups and the King of Swords, I feel this is about a stage of personal growth, a harmonising of my emotional/intuitive soul and my somewhat less evident intellectual/logical mind.

I also find that I can let little things get the better of me, and drain away my innate Sun-like qualities. Not any more, each day I am going to look up into the sky, let the Sun’s radiance invigorate my mind and body, and step out into the world with as much vitality as I can muster. I am going to use the Sun’s energy to help me move into a better place. A more radiant existence.

What comes to mind when you look at this card? I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments below 😊. 

Until next time, live well and shine on xx


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