I was quite pleased to see Strength yesterday as my daily draw! When I did my birthday reading, Strength was one of the two cards that came up in position of the energies I should focus on during the year ahead. Having it come up yesterday was a good opportunity to spend some more time contemplating it’s meaning :).

Strength - Shadowscapes Tarot
Strength – Shadowscapes Tarot

What I love most about this depiction of Strength, that you may have gathered from my birthday reading, is that there are so many examples of different types of strength. There is the more obvious example of beastial strength of body in the Lion, but there is also the Bamboo’s hidden strength through flexibility. There is the strength of cunning and strategy of the Cats, one of which seems to be tempting those birds below it closer with a bell on a string, and the other has one paw upon one of the Lion’s, possibly suggesting the strength of cooperation or of combining different forms of strength. Then there is the Bridge itself which is beginning to crack, possibly representative of the mortal quality of this man made strength, at some point it will erode and turn to dust, and below it the Acorn, representative of the steady strength of something so small that will one day grow to be gigantic. And then there is the inner strength called forth when protecting those you love, represented by the Swan. The Swan also represents the transformative power of the Woman’s form of strength. The ability to use calm control to soothe a difficult situation, turning something potentially ugly into something more pleasant. And that to me is what this card epitomises, using persuasion and patience to calm the rougher, harder animal instincts that we can sometimes fall prey to. The demonstration of the power of love and compassion, showing that aggression and anger will not solve everything. This is true inner strength, perserverance and composure, the ability to endure any of life’s obstacles with an unparalleled inner calm!

Whenever people have commented in the past that I am a strong person, or that I’ll be fine because I’m strong, I’ve never really agreed. I feel as if some situations, especially when they hit to the heart, can get the better of me, and I often feel weakened from the emotional exhaustion. But seeing the qualities linked to this card make me understand where those people were coming from. Courage; the ability to take heart despite setbacks, Patience; dealing calmly with frustrating situations and taking time to accept others’ situations, Control; being able to influence through love, persuasion and benevolence, and Compassion; understanding what others are feeling and accepting and forgiving imperfections. So many qualities that I would not normally link to being strong, but now understand as true inner strength.

The Strength card to me shows that by combining all these forms of strength, you will be able to develop a truely unparalleled inner strength. And once you connect to this inner strength, you will in turn reflect a balanced outer strength. When you reach this level of consciousness and take full responsibility for your actions you will be fully in control of your instinctual side. And not in a bad, suppressing way, but through an understanding of when it is appropriate to act out of instinct, and when it is more beneficial to calm yourself, and like the woman on this card, subdue the Lion within by offering love, peace and warmth of spirit.

Until next time, live well and grow in strength xx


4 thoughts on “Subdue the Lion Within – Strength

  1. I love your perception of the all of symbolism of the different types of strength. I tend to have such an analytic mind that artistic symbolism can often evade me. Reading your posts is helping me practice my more abstract perceptions, so thank you for that! 🙂

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