Today I drew the Knight of Wands. This was actually the first card I ever drew so whenever it comes up I always remember back to the first time I ever shuffled my cards, late on a warm autumn evening, and asked my deck its first question. It’s a nice feeling, thinking back to that time where I was very much like the Knight of Wands, rushing headfirst into this project without really knowing where it was going to take me. And while the reason why I stopped delving into the tarot for that short period of time was more emotional than anything, I think the burnout from this Knight’s energy also had some part to play.

Knight of Wands - Shadowscapes Tarot
Knight of Wands – Shadowscapes Tarot

This is the first Knight I have drawn in my daily draws. And I have to admit this hasn’t been the easiest post to write, and will be a little shorter than normal. Damn Court Cards :P.

I see the Knight of Wands as the true adventurer of the Court Cards, sitting upon his Lion mount, bursting with energy and courage, ready to tackle the world. He is full of confidence, self-assured at all times, with a can do attitude, never afraid to try something new or challenging, and full of a passionate energy that drives him to action. When he has an idea or vision he will charge forth in pursuit of it and make things happen. I guess one of the easiest ways to describe him is someone who acts first, and thinks later. While this is good in respect to the amount of energy and enthusiasm he has, willing to risk any challenge without fear and willing to do things that would frighten others, it does have its downside. He can be seen as impatient and impulsive, and because he sets out without much forethought or planning there is a chance of burnout and a lack of long term stability. Due to his passionate self-confident drive he can also be seen as hot-headed and cocky, someone who boasts overly about his abilities and gets angered easily.

In this representation I definitely see him as confident and courageous, for anyone able to ride the King of the Jungle must have a heart full of courage! He looks as if he is about to leap out of the card with his fox companions, representative of the Knight’s cleverness, by his side. He is focussed and directed, all that matters to him is getting to where he needs to be, even if he tramples over something along the way. Not that he is a heartless person, just so very concerned with accomplishing his goal that he can easily forget about the consequences of his actions.

I think his energy was definitely good to have when I started out on my tarot journey! I am happy to see where I have come since starting and feel as if I used his energy well. Now I see him as a wider life prompt to jump back on the saddle and allow myself to experience a little more adventure in my life. I have definitely been sitting back and closeting myself away more than I normally would, so as of tommorow I am going to take this lion by its horns and set out with confidence and passion. For what is life without a little adventure…

Until next time, live well xx


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