So this week is turning out to be one of firsts! Yesterday I drew my first Knight in my daily draws and today was my first Queen! And not only that but my favourite Queen of all, the Queen of Cups. To me the Queens are the most mature and developed of all the Court Cards despite the fact that they are the penultimate of the Courts and this honour is usually given to the Kings! The Queens’ inward focus and relaxed and natural way of being to me demonstrates pure mastery. They embody the aspects of their suits without the need to shout them out to the world, more concerned with enjoying their environment than manipulating the world for their benefit, I like that about them :). And the reason why the Queen of Cups is my favourite, well I guess I feel a connection to her, I always have. I admire her qualities and feel like we have a lot in common, and I wish to become more like her as I progress through this journey.

Queen of Cups - Shadowscapes Tarot
Queen of Cups – Shadowscapes Tarot

So who is this Queen? She is a loving and tender hearted soul who is uncoditionally accepting and easily moved by other creatures’ pain or sorrow. She is caring and demonstrates patience and a kind and gentle sensitivity to the feelings of others. She is highly intuitive, very sensitive to emotional undercurrents and is open to the unconscious. She is a really soothing soul, I feel as if every pain or hurt we feel would wash away with her in our presence. If she was to tell us only one thing in this lifetime it would be to follow our hearts!!

I absolutely adore the Shadowscapes’ interpretation of the Queen of Cups. The deep blue of the card draws me in and her stance seems so open yet in complete control. The wise ones of the ocean, the Sea Turtles, come up to greet her, and feel such a depth of connection that they grant her safe passageway over the swelling seas, in a joyful dance of reciprocity. Her synchronicity with this ever changing world shows her deep seated knowledge of the subconscious and emotional realm. And her openness to all creatures allows for an expanse of knowledge as great as the stars around her. Her hair is in the form of a lemiscate, representing her knowledge of the sempiternal ebb and flow of emotions.

There is a real sense of trust and faith in this card. She stands there wide armed upon the precarious footing without even looking where she is going. There is complete trust in the watery realm around her and the creatures with whom she is interacting. I see this unity with the natural world around her as representative of her wisdom and innate knowledge, she knows what will happen before it does and as such remains calm and composed even in the trickiest of situations. She has a strength that comes from living an open and emotionally expressive life and wishes to help others to do so as well. If you find her involved in a situation she is usually deeply invested on a personal and emotional scale. She is supportive and sensitive, and wishes to nurture and develop others on an emotional, psychic and or creative level.

Today was a long and draining day, and I’m not sure whether I experienced any of the Queen’s energy. But at least I have had the opportunity to think more about her, as I said yesterday these Court Cards are a tricky bunch for me to interpret :P.

Until next time, live well and listen to your heart xx


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