Today I drew The Moon. The beautiful and mysterious queen of the night. Traditionally The Moon represents fear, illusions, bewilderment, and imagination. There is often a contrast presented between the light of the moon and that of the sun. In sun light everything is familiar and understandable whereas the light of the moon is dim and mysterious and things are not always as they seem when under moonlight.

The Moon - Shadowscapes Tarot
The Moon – Shadowscapes Tarot

I absolutely adore the Shadowscapes Moon. It epitomises everything I think about the card in a haunting yet mesmerising way. The Moon to me is about a situation in flux, being enveloped in an energy of uncertainty that can either be dangerous or reveal to you an inner truth that was previously hidden. The Moon itself is ever changing, waxing and waning through its cycles and hence when this card comes up it can often indicate a situation that is changing. And while the moon reflects light, it is also shadowy, concealing as much as it reveals.

We see here a figure walking through the moonlit woods, about to stumble upon a fairy mushroom circle. The mushrooms in and of themselves symbolise the hallucinogenic properties of the moon, while the circle is linked to the well known folk stories of the dangers of stepping into a fairy circle. The figure herself is holding a mask in her right hand, and a heart in her left. I think there are two possibilities behind this image. One being the ease with which we can believe what is untrue and forget to listen to the voice of our hearts. Here the mask represents deception. Another possibility that came to me today is how under the light of the moon we can remove the facade we create during our daily lives and embrace our inner wants and needs. I’m not sure here which one is more appropriate, but I like the idea of it being open, and able to morph to what position the card comes up in. I also really like how it looks like the figure is of the moon herself, there’s a stream flowing from the moon down to her hair. She is here to teach us not to fear the moon, but when in its presence we need to be aware of the dichotomy between our inner (heart) and outer (mask) selves.

She has been on a confusing and frightening journey through the woods. And now out of the woods she has two choices before her, that of the mask or of the heart. Interestingly the heart seems to be bound to her hand, as if she is tied in knots in this situation. The Moon can stand for moments in time when all our inner fears come to the surface, those past experiences that are projecting fear into our present. A time where everything seems so confusing, yet if we look deeply into our soul we may find the answers. She can choose the path of the mask, the illusory temptation of the moon herself or that of the heart, her inner truth and souls guide. But she must make a decision soon and look up before she steps foot into that circle.

When I look at this card I see a real echoing of its symbols, a sense of distortion and questioning reality comes from this. The crescent moon is on its side, and the ground itself seems to be curving in a similar way! The central figures arms in a way mirror the two points of the crescent, and the trees themselves seem to be curving into and the away from the moon. I feel this adds to the bewilderment that The Moon often represents. A sense of confusion and unsurity as to where you are of how you got to this odd place. It’s quite funny because as I write this post I am starting to feel these effects. My mind seems to be floating about, unsure as to what points to write down. The Moon is having an affect on me :P. So I’m sorry if this post makes little sense…

Until next time, live well xx


5 thoughts on “Be Careful, Things Are Not Always As They Seem – The Moon

  1. This post made a lot of sense. 🙂 That Shadowscapes deck is beyond gorgeous, and you talk about the qualities of the cards and the symbolism in it so well. I am a little envious. 😉 I love The Moon, and this is such a great representation of why.

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  2. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now – I love the Shadowscapes deck and I find it extremely interesting to go through how others interpret some of the symbols; it is like looking at the same art through a fresh pair of eyes.

    You have a lovely way of weaving your thoughts together, I especially liked that you used “echoing” in your description; there indeed seems to be something tragically theatrical about the Shadowscapes Moon; almost like the play is over, the theater is empty, and she is still there, unable to cast away her role – trapped by its mask – perhaps?

    PS – I think the reason Empress is stalking you is your enviable creativity! Keep it up!

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    1. Wow. Thank you for your beautiful comment!!! It’s so funny because I was going to write about the theatricality of this card, and 100% agree with you!! I have actually felt this feeling before in a few plays I have done, an inability to let go of the role and return to your true/former self. It’s an odd feeling!!

      And thank you for your post script. That is incredibly kind of you :D.

      I look forward to looking through your blog at my next free moment xx


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