Now as I said in my post about the Queen of Cups, I find the Queens to be highly intriguing characters, matured to such an extent that they don’t need to present their wisdom and knowledge outwardly, but instead use it to help and develop others, and like an iceberg, most of their power lies beneath the surface. Today I drew the Queen of Swords, which is one of if not my favourite card that Stephanie has reinterpreted in the Shadowscapes Tarot. It is a gorgeous piece of art that I can stare at for hours. And for those of you who have never seen it, I shall now lay it before your eyes for your viewing pleasure 😛

Queen of Swords - Shadowscapes Tarot
Queen of Swords – Shadowscapes Tarot

The Queen of Swords is someone who has seen it all. She has been through so much in her life, both good and bad, and hence has the well rounded wisdom that comes from experience. She has a strength gained from being knocked down and getting back up again, from looking at both the good and the bad in her life and learning to accept the wisdom gained from each. Above everything else in life she respects honesty! She is upfront with everyone even if it may come across as harsh because she always strives to live a truthful life. She has no interest whatsoever in lies and deceit, but don’t take this lightly, for she is not one to be fooled. This is because she has one of the most astute minds going, quick to take in a situation and can see straight to the heart of any matter. Because of this she is quite a forthright character, direct and open in all her dealings, and has quite the witty sense of humour.

In the Shadowscapes card we see her holding a sword before her eyes, in the shape of a waxing moon. I see this as representative of two things, firstly the fact that she looks at everything through a lens of logic and can slice through lies and decptions to the hidden truth of any matter. She is most concerned with mental independence, and is the perfect person to go to when working on a plan as she can help you construct it in a logically thought out manner. She will tell you as it is, albeit with sensitivity, as she sees through what you are presenting and truly understands what it is you are going through. Secondly, the fact it is shaped like a Waxing Moon makes me think of the Maiden aspect of The Goddess, which is often linked to the promise of new beginnings. The reason I bring up this link is that when you decide to cut away the emotional hold your past has on you and look, as she does through a lens of logic, at what you have learnt from all your mistakes and achievements, you in turn begin a new phase of your life. The wisdom achieved at the start of this new phase paves the way for a life of truth, honesty and clarity :).

The aspect that calls out to me the most in this card is the amount of white used. If you compare this card to every other one in the deck it is by far the whitest and brightest of the cards. White stands for purity, honesty and clarity, which is why it is perfect for the Queen of Swords. But white can also be linked to distance and death. Which in this instance I believe links again to the death of your old self that occurs when you discard the purely emotional connection to the past, and like the butterflies in this card, leave your cocoon and present your true transformed self to the world. In my opinion the butterflies that are flowing out of her hand are symbolic of the transformative power of truth, for when you are completely truthful with yourself and with others, you draw to you power and respect and gain a strength that otherwise may have remained in hibernation. She sends these old souls out into the world to find kindred spirits looking for transformation and transcendence. And seen as they are so contrasting to the rest of the card I think I should quickly touch on the purple Tiger Lillies, which stand for the inner strength that is gained from this way of living.

Now if the Queen isn’t in your reading as representative of someone else, she may be there to make you ask yourself whether you are living an honest and truthful life! Are you getting straight to the point or beating around the bush? She may also be suggesting a time where you need to remain independent in your thoughts and judgement. To use an unbiased intellect, incorporating all you have learned over time and looking at the current situation logically without emotional sentimentality. Or maybe just that you need to take a slightly lighter view and try to see the humour in your situation :). Or maybe, just maybe you may be about to meet a lovely lithe lady with an affinity for Swans 😛

Until next time, live well and be honest xx


2 thoughts on “Be Truthful and Honest in All that you Do- The Queen of Swords

  1. I love, love, love this post. I identify so strongly with the Queen of Swords, and this was some good medicine for me. A beautiful and positive read on what I’d been viewing in myself as more of a shadow. A beautiful affirmation to start the day with. Thank you!! 🙂

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    1. Naaaw thank you!! I often find that what I view as shadow is seen by others in a more positive light! And I am truly happy that I am able to help start your day off that way :). I love being able to help others even if it is inadvertently like this :D. I wish you well for the day ahead x

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