The images of the wands suit appeal to me quite a lot, admittedly this is mostly because of the use of foxes, but overall they have such a glow and warmth that makes me just want to be a part of the picture. And today’s card is no different, the Page of Wands is immersed in a beautiful world, and to top it off she has four fox companions, one of which has sidled his way as close as he can rubbing his back affectionately against her leg :). I have to admit I am quite jealous!! I want fox companions :(. Anyway, moving on from that quick distraction, as you can tell I have once again drawn a Court Card in my daily draw. I feel like they just won’t leave me alone! But I believe this is the first time that I have drawn this Page in any draw let alone a daily draw, so it is a good opportunity to learn more about her.

Page of Wands - Shadowscapes Tarot
Page of Wands – Shadowscapes Tarot

Traditionally the Page of Wands is seen as a messenger bringing an opportunity for passion, excitement or a new creative venture. She is seen as someone who has just experienced something inspiring, learnt what it is that fuels their passion, or discovered their sense of self. But in my opinion she can also be representative of someone who is re-discovering one of these things. The world can get to you sometimes, and often we forget to pay attention to what we really want to be doing, I feel the Page comes to us when this occurs to reignite our passions. She embodies the restlessness, wonder and curiosity of youth, and despite a lack of planning usually prospers in whatever she tackles. The Page may also appear to inspire you to be creative and original in all that you do, to strive to be inventive and self-expressive, to enter every situation with an air of enthusiasm and confidence, jumping in wholeheartedly tackling any challenge that comes your way, and to be courageous! This Page is all about action! Taking a risk, being daring, and having an adventure.

In the Shadowscapes card we see a beautiful young woman playing a violin sending forth her message of confidence and assurance with the melody she weaves. The music she makes is so beautiful and full of passion and excitement that it is bringing forth the creatures of the forest and she is becoming the centre of attention. The cunning foxes whom prefer to stay hidden are relaxing by her side, the sprites of the air are flitting around her entranced by her fiery spark of inventiveness and the sylphs of the earth have been inspired to take up accompaniment. She is creative and charismatic, and forthright when she has something on her mind. She is a free spirit, with a strong passion for life and the world around her, despite not having complete understanding. She has yet to be weighed down by the world and all its stresses and because of this she is spontaneous and positive in all situations. She knows the gift that comes when you tackle what seems most frightening and take action in areas that push you to your limits. This is where you learn the most and the rewards are plentiful.

This Page teaches us to act as she does, to be positive and spontaneous, but not impulsive. To create and invent with an unrivalled passion, and take on change like a free spirit. She is the sudden creative spark that comes to you when you least expect it, encouraging you to be courageous and express your individuality and passion with abandon. Follow your creative urges, for even the initial dreamings of a youth may grow into something that can change the world. She inspires us to tackle everything and anything that comes our way, for if you are enthusiastic enough you can accomplish anything. If you are feeling restless, you may be dismissing a creative urge that might just take you into a new phase of your life. So listen to the music she plays, for it is the sweet seductive impulse of creation itself!

Until next time, live well and embrace your creativity xx


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