Ever felt powerless? Like you can’t accomplish anything, or that you need the help of others to get to where you wish to be? Well today’s daily draw is here to tell you that you that you have the power! The Magician. Card number one of the Major Arcana. A new beginning, a new life cycle. Embracing power, taking conscious action, concentrating your energies, using your will. This is what The Magician has to offer.

The Magician - Shadowscapes Tarot
The Magician – Shadowscapes Tarot

I love, love, love the Shadowscapes version of The Magician. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find the more traditional representations to be quite lifeless and stagnant. Which is the opposite of what the card should be. Here however, I can feel the energy he is willing into existence seep from the card, and it is as if he could spring to action with a moments notice. There is also a real Shamanistic feel to this card which I love. A real earthy active energy.

Upon his wings lie gifts from the spirit world. Fire in the lantern for passion and creative energy, the rumbling voice of the Sea in the seashell for a touch of emotional awareness, Wind in the raven’s feather for mental clarity, and the Earth of the leaves for groundedness. He balances all these aspects with graceful aplomb and knows he can use them when they are needed. Right now in fact he is using these resources made available to him, his knowledge of the world around him and a conscious exertion of his willpower to make what is possible real. That green orb symbolises what can be done when we are totally committed to our goal, understand our underlying intentions and step forth to make it happen.

There is a lot of power, warmth and creative energy in this card if you look a little deeper. The Magician’s stance would take a tremendous amount of strength and power to hold for an extended amount of time, especially while concentrated on manifestation. He also has a Sun tattoo on his shoulder, and the orb he is concentrated on flares out like the Sun as well. What I find most interesting here though, if we look at the Shadowscapes’ representation of The Fool, she had a Sun tattoo as well, but hers was on her foot. Could this be suggesting that this was a part of what prompted her to leap, and now it is a representation of wisdom and advice? That voice on your shoulder telling you what to do? This is a complete stab in the dark so I would be interested to hear what you think :).

Another part of the card I really like are the contrasts. There is the purity of the white lilies, versus the passion and drive of the red and orange roses. Then there is the black and white of the magician’s wings. And then on a larger scale there is a contrast in overall colour of the card, the top is purple, the colour of mystical power, and the bottom half is green, representative of the Earth, of groundedness.

I think The Magician is here to say that the most primal of creative energies is available to us, but that in order to manifest them into something palpable we must be aware of our deep seated intentions. We all have in us the ability to manifest the magical energies available to us, it’s just hard sometimes to see it. The Magician appears when a little extra nudge is needed :). And for me right now I believe he is reminding me that concentration and commitment to one goal is the way forward for me. I can get easily distracted or overcommitted, so I will try from now on to commit myself solely to the project I’m working on, and see what affect that has 🙂

Until next time, live well xx


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