Dreams and Desires! We all have them, some of us choose to act upon them, while others put them aside for the more safe option. I’d like to say that I am of the first persuasion! I’ve always thought that life is best when your doing something you love. When I was at university I decided to go against what my brain was telling me, leave my Psychology degree and pursue a degree in Acting. For that is my dream. And for five or so years I followed that dream, and it made me a very happy man. But there are always times in life where we hit a roadblock and have to put our dream on hold. Why all this talk of dreams you ask, well today I drew the Seven of Cups, the card of Dreams and Desires.

Traditionally the Seven of Cups stands for wishful thinking, a plethora of options or choices before us, illusion, and imagination. Usually what we see are seven cups filled with both positive and negative wishes. The old saying ‘be careful what you wish for’ comes to mind when I look at the Rider-Waite-Smith card. But when I look at the Shadowscapes card, which is the deck I drew from, I see something different.

Seven of Cups - Shadowscapes Tarot
Seven of Cups – Shadowscapes Tarot

Here we see two figures, one female one male, standing upon a cliff edge. The female is pointing up at a castle in the sky, and Stephanie has represented the old idiom “to have stars in one’s eyes’ beautifully with the two stars situated by her gaze. This figure is excited and hopeful for the future. She wants to get to that castle, and knows everything will be better when she is up there. However, as Stephanie writes in her book, “her mental focus is occluded by the moon”. The man on the other hand seems to be more grounded in reality. He is surveying a map, looking for a physical way to achieve his dream. The question however, is whether it is a map to the castle in the sky, or to those more attainable castles in the distance.

To me this represents the difference between wishful thinking, and acting upon our dreams. If we allow ourselves to get carried away with our fantasies and caught up in illusions there is a high chance that we will stay stagnant, caught in a constant, ‘what if my life was more like this’. However if we have a dream, and physically set out to achieve it, then anything is possible.

I think this is a problem we all encounter at some stage in our lives. When you are constantly caught up in your own dreams, desires, and fantasies, it is often hard to actually make a choice. You feel as if there are so many ways forward, but until you decide upon the first step, you will never actually get anywhere. In this I see the possibility of the two figures representing something else. The two sides of ourselves. The dreamer, thinking up all those big amazing ideas, constantly thinking and wishing, but stuck in the clouds you could say. And then the other side who is ready and willing to make something out of a situation, the builder. In order to move forward with our dreams we must find a happy medium between both of these sides. The dreamer is the creative energy, the initial burst. Use it to think up ideas and for inspiration. And then the builder can take over, make some plans, set some goals and get to work.

Now this is where I went wrong. I was too much the dreamer, and didn’t have enough of the builder in me. When I was acting everything was great, but when there were no roles on the table I found it hard. That and there were two choices in front of me, take the full time job I had been offered and earn a decent amount of money, or keep my casual employment and try and get acting work on the side. Now this wasn’t an array of choices, like you see in the original Seven, but it was a big choice. And now that I have chosen the first option, I am beset with another dream and hence another set of choices. I really want to travel to France at some stage next year. But I dont want to go for a short trip, which is all I could accomplish with annual leave. So do I leave the job and travel for an extended period of time, or just go for a short trip. The other issue is I feel that if I decide to go for an extended period of time I will in turn be giving up on my acting dreams, because I always said if I was to slow down at work, or leave altogether it would be to pursue my acting career. But now I’m thinking of using all my savings up to travel. So am I throwing away an old dream or am I simply using this opportunity to do something I wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. Hmmmm, now this is a Seven of Cups situation! I might have to consult the cards further on this at some stage.

Until then, live well and choose wisely 😛 xx


4 thoughts on “The Dreamer and The Builder – The Seven of Cups

  1. I love this post Adam! I just love the way you’ve gotten right under the skin of this card and dug in to the duality shown in the picture. This is one of my favourite versions of the Seven of Cups, I love how Stephanie Law raises those questions. Who is right, here? Is it possible to be ‘right’? in this situation? Thanks so much for sharing this (and all of your other great posts!)

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    1. Woah!! The fact that you have actually read my posts makes my soul sing 🙂 :). Thank you so much for the comment 🙂 🙂

      It’s such an interesting question. As a Libran, I am always striving for balance and hence always looking for the ‘right’ way in every situation. But after thinking more about this card I’m starting to realise that maybe there isn’t a right way. Just the way that calls to you the strongest/the one you will learn the most from 🙂

      Thank you once again for taking the time to check out my blog. It means so very much x


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