Last night I started French language classes again. I studied French for about half of the year last year but unfortunately I stopped due to various reasons. I had been thinking about starting up again for awhile now and I finally did last night :). I’ve always loved the French language and since I was very young I’ve had this romantic idea of what it would be like to live in Europe. So my plan is to use these classes to build a stronger foundation before I go over next year, which is still in the planning stages but definitely something I feel I need to do as soon as possible. Today when I awoke from my slumber I was full of thoughts of how great it’s going to be when I finally get there, but also a wee bit of trepidation, as in order to do what I wish to do I must sacrifice a few things in my life currently that bring with them a great deal of stability. So as I usually do as a part of my pre shower ritual, I grabbed my Shadowscapes deck, shuffled and drew a card. And out came the Three of Wands. I giggled to myself when this came out. How apropos :).

Three of Wands - Shadowscapes Tarot
Three of Wands – Shadowscapes Tarot

The Three of Wands is all about exploring the unknown, going on an adventure and leaving the secure behind, expanding your horizons through study, travel or experience, as well as taking a long view of a situation and demonstrating leadership. So when this card came to me today all I could do was smile :).

When I look at the Shadowscapes depiction exploring the unknown is definitely what comes to me first and foremost. It’s as if it’s whispering to me, “go on, take that first step, look at all the wonders your eyes will behold when you leave your comfortable surroundings for the great unknown”. One thing I really like in this depiction is that the explorer is not completely alone on this journey. She has a friend in her feline companion. This is one of the things that’s held me back. The fear of leaving everyone I love behind, the fear of being in another country, where not only do I not speak the language, but I don’t know anyone, and the language barrier would definitely make it harder to make friends. But in this cat I see the possibility that wherever you go in life, there will always be an opportunity for companionship.

On the card we see a figure, possibly female, but not definitively, standing upon a perilous looking bridge of rock and earth. She is holding a stave, and behind her are two others, which represent those who have come before her but due to fear or an unwillingness to keep going didn’t make it as far. She stands there surveying her horizons, ready to take the next step on this new adventure. In the companion book Stephanie says that as the figure takes her next step the bridge materialises under her feet. I think this is representative of how when we choose to leave our comfort zone and explore we are in fact creating our path into the future. Learning and experiencing new things and then in turn changing our perceptions. This also brings up another aspect of the Three of Wands, that being foresight. She is taking in a large view of her surroundings, indicative of standing back and considering before making a step. I think this also urges us to start to dream beyond our current limitations, to really look out and see the possibilities before us.

Another aspect of this card I like is the weight behind its elemental qualities. We see here all four elements in play, fire in the wands/sun, water in the river below, earth in the bridge and valley below, and air as the wind rustling through her hair and clothes. I see this as the possibility of the elemental unity that can come when we go on an adventure and explore the world around us! When we leave our familiar surroundings for such an adventure we come in touch with lots of different people and experiences, which adds a new dimension to us as a person. This is what I’m most looking forward to from my travels. I want to immerse myself into a completely different culture, go somewhere where I will be learning something everyday, and in turn hopefully learn more about myself in the process. I see this trip as an exploration of self, just as much as it is an outward adventure.

When I saw this card this morning, I thought back to my post on the Seven of Cups, and how I was unsure as to which dream I was being urged to fulfill. I think this is a clear sign that my wish to travel is the correct way forward. Now just to prepare the path towards that goal.

Until next time, live well xx


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