Over the last week or so I have been feeling a return of the sadness and loneliness that shrouded me during the middle months of this year. It’s been hard because I haven’t been keeping to myself, I’ve been seeing friends whenever I can, and filling my other days spending time with family, work, gym, and tarot. So it has been frustrating to feel these energies come back into my life. I thought that I was finally moving on. This morning when I woke up I felt an immense sadness permeate through my body, and when I grabbed my deck for my daily card draw I asked ‘what do I need to learn today to help me through these energies?’. And what came up, why the Seven of Swords. I sat there staring at the card like, what the hell!! Traditionally the Seven of Swords represents things such as theft, deception, betrayal, a preference for a ‘lone-wolf’ style of living, shirking responsibility or running away from a situation, and various other things among those themes. So why was it coming to me today?

Seven of Swords - Shadowscapes Tarot
Seven of Swords – Shadowscapes Tarot

Before getting into the possible reason, I think I might just talk about the Shadowscapes’ depiction of the Seven of Swords. Here we see an impish looking creature staring down at a sword he has stolen from the Swan Guardian. Although the Seven can suggest a tangible material theft, as we see in the card what is stolen is in the form of a Sword, so it may also be intangible. A thought, perception, confidence or freedom. He is smiling, gleeful with the thought that he has gotten away with his deception without reprimand. Unbeknownst to him however, the Swan is watching him with one eye over her shoulder. I see this as representative of the fact that more often than not what we may think we have gotten away with often comes back to bite us.

One part of this card which really calls to me today is the thief’s mask. I see this as symbolic of being two-faced, of hiding our true nature behind a facade of our own creation. When we are continually deceptive, lie or hide from the truth we can start to build a facade without even realising it. When you act in this way, you may begin to feel a daunting uncertainty. For when you build your life upon deceit and lies, how can you possibly believe that others aren’t doing the same! Something Stephanie wrote here really speaks to me, “deception breeds distrust and a pessimistic outlook”. So I think it is important when this card comes up to be fully aware of the consequences of your actions. There are times in life where we may have to act shrewdly or do something in secret. When this is the case we must be certain the act can be done with a clear conscience, for in the long run deception will not produce favourable results and instead may cause irreparable damage to your relationships and reputation.

Now when I think of what happened during my break up and over the following months and try to relate the feelings I had to this card I can see the possibility that a theft of my innocent viewpoint of true and honest communication within a relationship may have occurred. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not specifically blaming my ex for this, although I do feel that his actions had a large impact, it’s more about the situation and how it was handled. I have always had a positive outlook on life, and see myself as a very trustworthy, loyal and loving person, and while things have happened in my life before that have rattled my foundations nothing has ever been as powerful as this break up. I feel as if I’ve seen another side of the human psyche that is so very opposite to mine, and in turn I have both started questioning and in a way lost touch with some qualities I have always held dear. To give you a small example, I have felt quite scared of the prospects of falling for someone again, worried about trusting someone with my heart, and in turn have been retreating from situations where this could be possible. So maybe this card is here to tell me that there are some times when we do need to throw caution tape around our hearts, and that this doesn’t mean we are no longer trusting people, just that we are choosing to be a little more wary. But, then again, it could just be telling me that I’m about to get my phone stolen :P. Who knows…

So, until next time, live well xx


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