This morning when I woke up I was still thinking about yesterday’s draw. So I decided I would ask another question for my daily draw today. I grabbed my deck, started shuffling and asked “What is the possible outcome if I choose to follow yesterday’s advice and buy my one way ticket to France?”. What was the Shadowscapes’ answer you ask? The Ten of Cups!!! I don’t think I have words to describe what happened when I turned over this card. It was as if everything was falling into place, I was speechless, happy and excited, but overall speechless.

Ten of Cups - Shadowscapes Tarot
Ten of Cups – Shadowscapes Tarot

An all encompassing emotional fulfillment. That is what this card epitomises. Joy and peace overflow from the card, and it brings with it the most beautiful sense of serenity. Traditionally the Ten of Cups portrays a happy family, a man and woman standing together holding each other looking out at a pretty little cottage with their children by their sides. For me, being a homosexual male, this image has always caused more pain and sadness than it did joy and peace. I have always liked the idea of being a father, having a family of my blood, but that is quite a difficult thing for someone who doesn’t fall into the heteronormative landscape. Don’t get me wrong, it is becoming more accepted and somewhat easier as time passes, but it is still not as simple as it is for most of our heterosexual brothers and sisters. Seeing the Shadowscapes depiction of the Ten of Cups makes me feel much less like I’m seeing something I cannot have. Even though at first glance you would probably say that this shows a man and woman in embrace, I feel that they are not clearly one sex or the other, so for me it feels a little more open to other sexualities.

The two figures are floating there in the sun warmed waters, suspended within their joyful connected peace. There is a real dreamy feel to their intertwined embrace, and their postures are both reliant and supporting of each other in complete balance. Just like any truthfully harmonious relationship. They are one with each other, and one with the world around them, in complete harmony with all the elements. They have found each other, and are now finally in a state complete emotional satisfaction.

I feel a lot of free flowing energy in this card, and see the circles as the safety and joy experienced when in a place of true harmony. The fish that swim past are symbols of plenty and prosperity and show that despite the fact that this moment is real, it must be nurtured, or it might just slip away like a frightened school of fish.

Now even if my trip only resulted in the smallest amount of these qualities I would be over the moon. Having the Ten of Cups as representative of the possibilities of this trip make me think that through it I may achieve a stronger sense of harmony and peace within myself. That there is an opportunity to find true joy when I’m over there, or maybe even the beginnings of a relationship, romantic or platonic, that is based upon joy and serenity. Now wouldn’t that be nice :).

Until next time, live well xx


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