I’ve been in a weird place over the last week or so, getting stuck in overthinking and worry. It’s funny, because nothing overly bad has happened, in fact there have been some really positive things that have occurred! But these positive possibilities have also been laced with downfalls, which I think is the main reason why I’ve been a bit stuck! The day before last I drew Strength, which is the card that the Tarot keeps sending me when I’m feeling at a loss. Ever since it came up as my major tool for this coming birth year in my New Years Spread, it has popped up as a reminder every time I’m feeling a bit weak! And then yesterday I drew The Sun, as if the Tarot was trying to tell me not to worry, all will be ok!  But I was still feeling frazzled, stuck in this cycle of thought centred on a situation I really have little control over! So today while drawing a card I decided to ask the deck outright what I need to do to get out of this energy, and what was her suggestion, The Hanged Man of course :P.

Could I have been sent a more suitable card? I don’t think so! The Hanged Man is all about letting go, and not in a forced way, but as a surrender or acceptance. It asks us to give up our hold on control, to surrender to our experiences, to be open and vulnerable and to end the constant stuggle that for so many of us is self-imposed! And I think it is this that is most important for me to take away from today’s card! Life is already hard enough, without imposing any other hardships upon ourselves! The Hanged Man also tells us that sometimes, in order to really see a situation for what it is/has to offer, we may need to suspend action, pause for a moment to reflect, and take the time to just simply be present. And if this doesn’t work then we might just need to take a real leaf out of this man’s book and reverse our view of the world.

The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man – Shadowscapes Tarot

Here in the Shadowscapes card we see the serenity that can be achieved by following The Hanged Man’s suggestion. He seems very Yogi-like in his posture, and it is as if he has unhinged his grip on reality, calmed and composed, hanging there on the tree. Then there is the Ivy that has begun to grow over him, which is representative both of determination and the concept of taking time out to reflect! One image I really like in this representation is how the faith and sacrifice he has displayed has influenced the fey to such an extent that they have folded back their wings, let go of control and entrusted their safety to Mother Nature.

The Hanged Man – Radiant Rider Waite

This is one of the many messages The Hanged Man has to tell us, and while it may seem contradictory, he teaches us that by letting go of control we in fact gain a different form of control! That by surrendering or sacrificing ourselves, we will eventually come out the victor! This can be seen in the RWS depiction where the man hangs upon a tree, through his own volition he sacrifices himself and surrenders to whatever may happen, and as a result his mind glows with enlightenment.

There are two more images I would like to bring up in the Shadowscapes card. The first being the Anhk hanging from the tree and the second the glowing orb hovering by his hands! We see this Anhk in one other Major Card, The Emperor, which I wrote about here, but in this card I believe it is here to show that at this moment in time his life is suspended. Another contradiction this card holds, that by suspending time and standing still we are in fact moving forward in our own way, creating the time we need to do so! And what does the glowing ball represent? Well, as it is bringing attention to his hands, I think it may partly mean that while he still has the means to act, for his hands aren’t tied, he is choosing not to do so! Also it could possibly be similar to the halo in the RWS depiction, that through this self sacrifice, not only is he gaining strength, represented by the Ivy, but he is also holding a new found knowledge and enlightenment in his hands!

So maybe this is what the Tarot is trying to teach me today! That by letting go of the control I so avidly wish to hold, even in situations I know I have little to no control over, I will actually be able to accept the fact that the control I think I want, is not actually beneficial! That by willingly surrendering to these situations I find myself in, and seeing where they take me, I may in fact come across a shining light in my life, that will open my mind to other areas I neglect, due to the self-imposed struggles I create! Thank you Shadowscapes, you have given me a great deal to think about, and I shall strive to follow your suggestions 🙂

Until next time, live well and let go xx



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