So for those of you who haven’t read my previous three posts the last four or so months have been really hard for me emotionally. In May my partner and I broke up, and this truly shook me to my core. I always saw us moving through our lives together and when I thought of my future I always saw him by my side. Travelling to Europe for the first time together, having a place we could call our own, getting our first pet, all those small things that you take for granted until you realise they are no longer possible. And while I wish things didn’t have to be this way, and that I could speak to him again, unfortunately we only have true control over ourselves and our own actions. We have no real power when someone has made up their mind.

Before I came to realise this, I decided that I needed some guidance, so I pulled out my deck, and using a lovely spread I found on Little Red Tarot, which I believe Beth got from a friend of hers, I asked, “How can I move on from this stage of sadness?”

Two of Swords, Ten of Wands & Two of Wands - Shadowscapes Tarot
Two of Swords, Ten of Wands & Two of Wands – Shadowscapes Tarot 21/08/15

Position 1 –¬†Major stumbling block in the situation: Two of Swords.¬†

Position 2 –¬†What will support you and enable me to move forward: Ten of Wands.

Position 3 –¬†Challenges/Opportunities ahead: Two of Wands.

I couldn’t have asked for a more telling reading. Doing a quick scan of the cards I noticed no cups at all! This was quite fitting as I had been way too overwhelmed by emotions, and now was the time to start thinking logically (swords) and taking action (wands).

Moving on from this quick scan, seeing my major stumbling block as the Two of Swords was very apropos. For what is the Two of Swords but a conflict between heart and mind! 

Two of Swords - Shadowscapes Tarot
Two of Swords

I was at a stalemate at this moment in time. My heart was aching. And my mind wasn’t helping at all. In fact, it wouldn’t stop going over the same things, over and over again. But neither heart nor mind was taking control. I needed to choose a way forward. And seeing as it was a Swords card I decided that it was my mind which was the main issue here. So what was I to do? I needed to let go of the pain and say to myself, this is over, now it’s time to move forward, otherwise I will stay stuck, the choice is mine!!¬†

Ten of Wands - Shadowscapes Tarot
Ten of Wands

And what was there to support me and help me move forward, why the¬†Ten of Wands¬†of course. When I saw this I giggled a bit. Traditionally the Ten of Wands stands for carrying a large burden or many burdens. But in this position I feel that it is saying that in¬†order for me to move forward I needed to let go of my burden. I needed to let go of the pain and the over-thinking. Otherwise I would become like the dryad, overextended and weakened. Now I must say this wasn’t an easy thing to do, and if I’m being completely honest, I haven’t 100% accomplished it, but I have been feeling some of the weight lifting from my shoulders as each day passes.¬†

Two of Wands - Shadowscapes Tarot
Two of Wands

And now for the final position, the Two of Wands. The Two of Wands is all about gathering energy while refining your vision. Personal power, being bold and original. I saw this as both a challenge and an opportunity. Because I am newly single I now have all the time in the world to gather my energies, to harness them and put them towards a vision. My challenge though, was to stick this through. I had and still do have a vision. I want to learn and become a good tarot reader. Now is the time to gather my energies and put them towards this goal. All I have to do is stick it out and I can accomplish anything.

Since doing this reading three weeks ago I can truly say that I am starting to feel a little better. Everytime I start overthinking about why things happened the way they did, or when I am stuck in a memory I say to myself, Adam, you are stepping closer and closer to becoming like the Dryad, take some time out, gather your energies, and put them to use.

I hope all my future readings will be this helpful. Thank you Tarot ūüôā

Until next time…


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