Every time I question why I haven’t drawn many cards of a particular suit they seem to pop up just to spite me :P. Last time it was the Cups, and now it’s Pentacles. Yesterday I drew the Four and today the Three of Pentacles decided to say hello. And this after a month long drought of Pentacles in my daily draws. I wonder if this is going to be a common occurrence during November :). I’d really like to get in touch with my Earth energies, which I have to admit are probably the most weak elemental connection for me, so if this is the case come at me Pentacles :).

I see the Three of Pentacles as a message that a goal is manifesting. Traditionally it stands for Teamwork, Competance, and Planning, and the Threes themselves represent an externalisation of their respective suit, the first manifestation of its qualities. If we further link this to The Empress, which is card number Three in the Major Arcana, and her ruling planet Venus, also represented by Three, we can deduce that the manifestation of what we desire may be helped along by incorporating the assistance of others, by bringing into relationship elements that may be disparate, but create a solid result. And then there is the more obvious linkage to the Holy Trinity, or the Wiccan Rule of Three. The concept of three distinct energies coming together and working as one. And to keep going with the Three symbolism today is the Third of November :P. It was obviously meant to be :P.

Three of Pentacles- Shadowscapes Tarot
Three of Pentacles- Shadowscapes Tarot

Above in the Shadowscapes card we see the Three in action. First off I really like how Stephanie has removed the Church setting from this card as I feel like it opens it up to a wider audience. What we see here is teamwork eptiomised. The pair are creating a human ladder, climbing higher and higher to reach their goal. And the Trinity is represented with the inclusion of the Salamander, symbolic of the seed of the idea. The man holds the seed of the idea in one hand and supports the woman in another, who, with his support, can focus all her energy on the creation. She inscribes her Pentacles upon the hard stone wall within circles in overlapping arcs, resembling her interlinking relationships and how their incorporation and combination assists in the creation. For some reason this brings to mind the poem by John Donne “No Man is an Island”. This is an important aspect of this card! Not everything in life has to be done alone, and it is not a weakness to accept the help of others! In fact it requires a great deal of patience, planning and compromise to work as a cohesive team, and the results of such cooperation often stand for themselves.

I love the image of this lithe woman inscribing such delicate beauty upon such a hard man made edifice. I imagine watching this in action, seeing the time and care taken with each small arc, how her delicate finger trails through the stone as if through water, the solid stone giving way under her fingertips, giving way to the power of her will combined with that of her two companions. Making what may seem impossible possible!! This is another important aspect of this card, that through Competance and Cooperation we can achieve much more than was expected :). Another image I find intriguing in this card are the cracks in the wall. To me it seems like her creation is actually helping hold the wall together! The cracks seem to meet at the art, but the wall is staying intact. I see this as representative of both the power of teamwork and necessity for planning. The pair have gone through all the possible problems and put a plan in place to accomplish what they wish to accomplish while having the smallest negative impact on the world around them.

What is important to note however, is that because this is a Three, we need to keep in mind that this is just the completion of an initial stage, not a final accomplishment, there will still be work to be done after this stage. And truthfully what really is a final accomplishment? Even the final card of the Major Arcana, The World, which is representative of successful completion, can be reduced to Three (2 + 1). I think this means that we are never really done creating, learning or accomplishing our goals and that the most important aspect is actually the ‘creating’ itself! Some people may see this as a negative thing, but I think the Three of Pentacles is really a card of encouragement. If we continue to work towards our goals we will eventually find success and prosperity. I think I’m going to take this as a hint that in order for me to move forward I really need to start to put some plans into place. I am still not happy in my life at the moment, so I think it’s time to sit down and set something into stone :P. So thank you for the prompt Tarot, I shall endeavour to follow your advice :).

Until next time, live well xx


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