It’s been quite some time since drawing a card from the Pentacles suit in my daily draws, the last time was on the 30th of September. I went through the whole of October without drawing one daily Pentacle! Today however, the drought has ended. The Four of Pentacles came to me today, which is interesting, because I don’t feel much of a connection with the card, and being the first Pentacle drawn in a long time I thought it would have been a different card to end the drought. But, it must have come up for a reason, so here we go, the Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles - Shadowscapes Tarot
Four of Pentacles – Shadowscapes Tarot

The Four of Pentacles is all about Control and a desire to Possess. As you can see in the card above, we have the classical image of a gold-hungry dragon, coiled so very tightly around his hoard of gold. You can picture him lashing out fork tongued hissing, “Mine, my preeecciooous, stay away”, declaring ownership and endeavouring to prevent the Chameleons above from getting near his possessions. He is constantly on guard, worried that at any sign of weakness the Chameleons will swoop in and steal his gold. This is what happens when you become so concerned with your material possessions, so much so that they actually become a cage of limitations instead of something which should bring you pleasure and stability. You may be financially well off, and feel stable both financially and emotionally, but this is only because you are equating emotional security with money. This card portrays one of the biggest pitfalls of prosperity, the temptation and tendency to value money much higher than its true worth.

The Fours in Tarot are symbolic of structure and stability, and in this case this is a false sense of structure and stability that comes from a dependence on material comforts and security. A mindset of procuring as much as you can so as to feel safe and stable. The being in this card has created himself a type of protective layer out of Pentacles that he believes will prevent him from encountering any hardship. However, this is also blocking any form of change from occurring, which can in turn exclude others as the need for personal security takes over, making for a very lonely way of living! I like how Stephanie has made it look as if this way of living is leeching the dragon’s individuality and that his resistance to change is in fact making him indistinguishable from the gold which he holds so dear.

I feel a lot more emotion from this card than from the RWS image. The coiling of his body, the lowering of his head, and the grasping claws show such a dire need to possess. That and the creatures he thinks are threatening him are tiny, his cousins in the animal world, and really have no power to do any harm to him. In fact they could actually be presenting the opportunity for friendship and family which he cannot see through his haze of obsession and fear! Along with his scales being leeched of their colour, his wings look small and atrophied. His obsession with control may actually prevent him from using one of his most natural abilities, flight! This is so meaningful to me! Often I can hold so tightly to a situation that may actually be of more detriment to me personally and spiritually, and in a way stop me from soaring free in the world. I think this is an important aspect of this card, it is not always a material possession that we may be holding onto, it can also be a person, or a situation. And this links again to blocking change, if we are not open to all the world has to offer but rather obsessed with holding onto the control we think we have, we may miss out on so much!

Of course there are many times in life when both structure, stability and control are indeed required. When life presents a series of chaotic events and begins to breakdown, the stability that both material possessions and a mental/emotional inward focus can offer is definitely of great benefit. In this case the Four of Pentacles still stands for a selfish approach to life, but one that is more necessity than purely miserly action. It is important here however to think deeply as to whether your possessive nature or urge for control is getting out of hand and stifling individuality or creative/emotional expression. It is always best to use the Four’s energy to defend and preserve the good in a situation, rather than claiming any ownership outright.

So overall, I feel as if the Four of Pentacles embodies an overly possessive spirit, who may indeed be financially well off, but at the detriment of his/her emotional, spiritual and physical well being. As a result of his need for control and fear of change he has locked himself in a cage of his own making, and his denial of weakness, his fear of weakness, is actually the chain and padlock keeping him there. In order to be truely free in a situation we must be open to change, and realise that there is no way to be completely in control in any given situation. And isn’t that the fun in life? It’s being  up in the air, where this poor being can no longer go, that provides the most stimulation. Let go of control, let go of your selfishness, and you may find that life offers you more happiness than those material possessions ever will :).

Until next time, live well xx


2 thoughts on “Let Go of Control and Possessiveness, and Soar Free from Your Cage – Four of Pentacles

  1. This isn’t a card I’ve gotten to explore yet, but even so I am really drawn to this portrayal. I also really appreciate your insight about how we can hold on to a person or situation in a way which may make us miss out on the world.

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    1. Yeah, it was the same for me, I really liked when I flicked through the deck after purchasing it but the card had never come up until today!!

      I find I do that so often, holding on to a person/situation, so I’m going to endeavour to be more aware of it from now on :).

      Thank you for the comment x

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