Now for those of you new to tarot, you may not know what a ‘Card of the Day’ is. Put simply it is a widely used exercise in the tarot community, where you draw a card each day, and contemplate how it’s energy may be playing out as the day progresses. To expand upon this you can also take the card as being representative of something that may happen during the day, or how I think I will proceed with this excercise, as possible messages of things to work on/towards.

I’ve put this practice off for quite some time for various reasons, but it is a big part of The Alternative Tarot Course so I wouldn’t be doing the course justice if I didn’t partake in this ritual. Let alone the fact that it is a really good way of learning the cards 😃. So this morning before getting ready for work I took out my deck, shuffled my cards and drew my first Card of the Day…the Page of Pentacles.

Page of Pentacles - Shadowscapes Tarot
Page of Pentacles – Shadowscapes Tarot

I have to admit, the first thing I thought was ‘Why does my first card have to be a court card!!!’ They are some of the hardest cards in a deck to understand 😵. But then I thought deeper, put my fears aside and realised that the Page is actually quite fitting. In my understanding Pages generally represent someone starting out on a new project, eager to learn and develop their skills; someone who is just discovering the aspects of their suit, full of enthusiasm and energy. And on top of that, to me, the Page of Pentacles is representative of someone with a dream, who is willing and ready to manifest said dream in the material world. So how could this not be more apropos as my first card of the day. I have a dream, a dream of becoming a good tarot reader. A desire to expand my knowledge of what is at play underneath our daily experiences and as a result enrich my way of living in this world that can sometimes become so overwhelmingly stagnant.

Being of the suit of Pentacles the Page is grounded in practicality. So I believe she is here to tell me that the best way forward in this endeavour is to use my common sense, set out some plans and follow them through. But, as much as she is down to earth, and reflects before acting, she is also unafraid to enjoy the world around her. So I shouldn’t get too bogged down in my learning.

She sits there atop a giant land dragon, gazing into my soul with her piercing dark eyes, holding aloft a glowing ball of energy. Something I noticed today was that the pendant around her neck is also glowing, as if a part of her has been waiting for the energy in the orb, and now that it’s within her grasp, it is time to use it! To me this energy is her dream, her desire. It is only a small spark she holds, but it is full of potential, and if she fosters it, it may blaze out with the light of a thousand stars.

Now of course there are many more aspects to the Page of Pentacles, such as the belief that she brings with her a message of an opportunity for growth and prosperity (Pentacles), but for me, today, I feel that she is telling me to take a hold of the spark I have, foster it, and work towards my desire to become a good tarot reader and expand as a human being. So that is what I shall do, thanks for the nudge Page 😊.

Until next time, live well x


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