Getting to know the Everyday Witch Tarot

It was my birthday a couple of weekends ago and my best friend surprised me with the Everyday Witch Tarot. I was so excited when I opened up the present because this has been on the top of my Tarot Deck Wishlist for quite some time.

As with all new decks after opening it up and having a look through the cards I shuffled up the deck to do my Deck Interview Spread. As you would know from my last post interviewing the Tarot Mucha (click here to read that post) I like to do an interview with every new deck before using them to get to know a little about each deck. I was very intrigued when the cards below came up and to be honest it did take a little while to understand what the Everyday Witch Tarot was telling me. But now, after pondering the spread, I am excited to use this deck more often.

So, without further ado, meet the Everyday Witch Tarot

Deck Interview Spread - Everyday Witch Tarot
Deck Interview Spread – Everyday Witch Tarot

Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?

Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles - Everyday Witch Tarot
Knight of Pentacles – Everyday Witch Tarot

I will be your loyal companion through thick or thin. I hold all the tools you need to create a prosperous future. I am unwavering, strong and sure, and together we will achieve anything we put our minds too!

Ah, the Knight of Pentacles. Slow and Steady wins the race. This Knight quite often comes to me in readings so I’m happy to see him here in this position. I am excited that the Knight is the Everyday Witch Tarot’s most important characteristic. We will be able to work together towards my goals and I don’t need to worry about it not happening straight away, for the end result will be worth it. What I love most about this version of the Knight of Pentacles is how calm and happy he seems. He has his eye on the prize but still looks like he could have a little fun while getting there.

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An interview with the Tarot Mucha

Last year while searching around on the internet I stumbled across a beautiful Tarot Deck, The Tarot Mucha. This deck called out to me at first glance and not having purchased many decks for myself (this being my third) I thought “why not, spoil yourself” and bought myself a copy.

And what was the first thing I did when I opened up the deck? Yes, you got it right, I sat down and got acquainted with my wonderful new friend, using the Deck Interview Spread. I first used this spread to talk with Ms Shadowscapes (click here to see what she had to say about herself) and ever since I have used this spread to get to know any deck that I use. It’s really a great way to find out more about how the deck will help you and how best to use it in the future.

So, without further ado, meet the Tarot Mucha

Deck Interview Spread - Tarot Mucha
Deck Interview Spread – Tarot Mucha

Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?

Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands - Tarot Mucha
Knight of Wands – Tarot Mucha

I am the burning fire that sends you chasing adventure. I am full of passion, energy, and a joy of exploration. My advice is to jump in and enjoy yourself. Come follow me on a journey of excitement!

Oooh, that is exciting. The Knight of Wands was the first card I ever pulled 😄. (Click here to read my first ever post). The Tarot Mucha is all about action and is very movement focused. It will help me live more in the present and tackle my fears of the unknown. What I will have to be careful of though is the Shadow side of the Knight. Because that can lead you into a hot headed and restless energy which is not all too helpful.

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The Healing Power of Nature – The Empress in Bali

I recently had the blessing of being able to spend eight remarkable days on the breathtaking island of Bali. My partner Phillip invited me on a holiday he had been planning. And we stayed in the most extraordinary Villa imaginable. I have never experienced such an amazing time in my life, and for this experience I am truly grateful. Bali has never really been on my radar as a travel destination. But now that I have been I would definitely suggest you go. It is such an amazing place full of beauty and culture. And if you do plan on going, I would highly recommend staying at the Villa Cemara in Sanur. The atmosphere was incredibly revitalising and the staff were the most beautifully kind people I’ve ever met ❤️. I couldn’t recommend this place more!! Check them out at Villa Cemara.

One of the things that stood out the most while in Bali was how spiritual the people of the Island are.

The predominant religion practiced in Bali is a branch of Hinduism aptly titled Balinese Hinduism. Balinese Hinduism is quite close to traditional Hinduism while incorporating the traditional ancestral worship and animism that existed before the introduction of Hinduism.

One characteristic that deeply intriqued me was the nature based aspect of their practise; a link to the traditional animism that predated Hinduism. The Balinese Hindus believe that all places and creatures possess a distinct spiritual essence. This includes animals, plants, rocks, trees and rivers, and sometimes even human handiwork and words themselves. They hence place extra special care and attention when passing specific landmarks, procuring food for meals, and even with the words they use to communicate ❤️.

Another aspect of their practice are the Canang Sari, the offerings they leave for their Gods and the good and bad spirits around them.

These offerings are a beautiful representation of self-sacrifice, as they take time and effort to prepare every day. The offerings are placed everywhere. From the ground before a house or shop, to the shrines for the Gods and spirits. They are even placed in what seem like random spots to an outside eye, but that hold spiritual value to the Balinese. The Balinese place extra care and attention when creating these offerings as they believe that simply by seeing the offering the Gods and Spirits will be pleased.

Canang Sari - Balinese Offerings
Canang Sari – Balinese Offerings
Lovely Balinese Lady Bearing Offerings
Lovely Balinese Lady Bearing Offerings

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Tarot as a Guidance Counsellor Part 3 – The Nine of Pentacles

Why hello there friends ☺️. As you can see by the title of today’s post this is part three of a series I have been presenting over the last three weeks. So if you have not read the posts from the previous two weeks I would suggest you click here to go back to Part One, or here to head back to Part Two.

All done? Great, let’s continue 😁. So, as you would be aware from reading the previous posts, two of the three most pulled cards of 2017 had a very clear message that it was time for me to move on and start anew. And in part, each time I pulled The World and The Fool I knew deep down what they were trying to inform me. But unfortunately I was obviously too caught up in the stresses and expectations of my world to truly take their message to heart. If I wasn’t so enveloped by those stresses I would most likely have stepped down half way through 2017 instead of now.

But, it is what it is, and as we all know everything happens for a reason, so let’s look now at the third card which drew as most pulled last year, The Nine of Pentacles. Funnily enough, this card fits in perfectly with the other two, even if I had absolutely no idea why at the time 🤪.

The Nine of Pentacles - Shadowscapes Tarot
The Nine of Pentacles – Shadowscapes Tarot
The Nine of Pentacles is a beautiful card indicating accomplishment through discipline.

This is remarkably depicted in the card above through the image of the pianist. Here we see a woman whose spiritual being is in complete communion with the material aspects of her life. The piano itself is inextricably intertwined with the tree, and as she gazes up at the stain-glass sun above, her fingers fly over the keys echoing their refined music through the woods.

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Tarot as a Guidance Counsellor Part 2 – The Fool

Hey everyone, it’s great to be back to discuss how your daily draws can guide you in the right direction in your life. If you are new to this blog, or have stumbled onto this post without reading the post from last week, I would suggest you click here to read it first. And if you have already read it, well here we go…

As I stated in the previous post the second card that drew as most pulled last year was The Fool.

The Fool - Shadowscapes Tarot
The Fool – Shadowscapes Tarot
As I wrote in this post in 2016, The Fool is all about the moment before the first step is taken.

It is about new beginnings and having faith that all will be well. The Fool appeared predominantly in the second half of 2017, which is funny when looking at how 90% of the draws of The World, representing completion and accomplishment, occurred in the first half of the year.

I believe that the Tarot Gods were trying to give me a similar message here as they were with The World. That the stage of my life I had given all my energy to over the last 4.5 years was over, and that it was now time to prepare for my next steps. New beginnings are frightening, but they also bring with them so many amazing opportunities for growth. And as you can see in the card above, there is no reason to fear your next step if you have faith, because your guardians will be there to guide you on your jump into the unknown, as represented in the Shadowscapes card by the doves holding The Fool up.

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